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  1. Just noticed a story on the Hereford times website regarding someone falling onto the grass from the hunderton bridge (hunderton side). I’m curious if the person had and spray cans on them. That’s a favourite tagging spot
  2. The police don’t deal with the perpetrators effectively when caught. I was working security for a well known establishment in town. And the toilettes were hit. A week later I saw a melt spraying the same tag on a council bin in commercial road. As I had the cctv radio, I was able to call it in. He was watched and apprehended trying to enter another establishment. He had a black bag with 7 spray cans in. There was evidence of him committing the act. Evidence of the previous act. Yet the police let him go and no charges ever got brought.
  3. 4 of the last high profile incidents (iirc) involving knives in Hereford all have links to Hunderton. Christopher Bagley left a house in Hunderton and was killed, Robert Ecock was from Hunderton (originally), The non local women who went on a speed in hunderton. And now another one where a man ( use that word loosely) stabbed his partner in hunderton. It’s like the estate is trying to revive its past “Shanghai” label.
  4. Not everything on this “open” board pertains to stories and information regarding Hereford. It’s a huge story, links in with the saville scandal and implements many high up “famous”people some are top echelon in the U.K. previous posts in the day of mine were Hereford related.
  5. Huge story from over the pond with the re arrest of Jeffery Epstein. He was the billionaire who had a private island getaway. Where he used to fly in v v v famous people on his private jet the Lolita express. Names such as Bill Clinton, prince Andrew, Stephen hawking, woody allen,the crown prince of Saudi, and many more. He is arrested on child exploitation charges and child sex trafficking. Basically he flew the rich and famous there so they could have fun with kids and some other very sinister things . Away from the eyes of the world. This is going to be an interesting story. If he squeals then big names could fall.
  6. Is anyone else getting upset with these organised gangs. Fronting new people and changing businesses like a revolving door? The sign annoys the hell out of me. I said when I saw it being kitted out. The location isn’t profitable and it must be another shell company/gang front. And if we look at past history of shops of this ilk in Hereford. We can see from the names it’s an over represented demographic.
  7. I take it the op isn’t impressed with the the new shop sign on the Belmont road/Asda turning. Jalsagor - Mowchak - subway -razbari- kfc - taste of raj- marigold- spice minster - Zulfis - go peri- and even good old Jamal is halal. I’m sure I’ve missed a few. Don’t forget your supermarket meats to especially Asda n Tesco. You’ll struggle to find labelling! Halal certification is essentially a stealth tax that is used to push Islamic doctrine and development.
  8. 2019 and no change. The root mass is still there. But now adjacent along side the chip shop. A nice collection of sycamore trees are growing. Nice and close to the foundation slab. Theres an added delight of a telephone pole with a gangster lean and the rotted back of the old bench propped up behind . Ironic what with the old keepmoat compound wall up with the word regeneration on it. i sure love my annual council tax increase and the value it brings.
  9. Two beggars that used to frequent the doorways of mr singhs shop and the Martha trust (or Marie Currie?) in commercial road, On Friday and Saturday nights. They have a flat in Hinton claim a paycheck off the state to. They go as far as carrying sleeping bags and clothes for that added effect.
  10. I really must check what interjections my auto correct makes before hitting post. That was meant to be chloroform. In answer to the last question id say probably, and be more likeable.
  11. HC has often stooped to abyss like levels of morals and ethics but to propose a public service by leaching of the back of a charity! I'm curious who came up with that great idea (inserts thumbs down). Are all trustees in agreement with apposing this and seeking an alternative arrangement Andy?
  12. With disturbing events like these in Hereford, across many sectors and institutions with similar dodgy appointments, financial irregularities and local media silence. It always gets me thinking there's a much bigger agenda behind it all. And these "failings" are merely calculated plans of subversion being dressed up as incompetence.
  13. Yet another financial target im predicting will never be met by the council. With the reputation of HC and the history of it's management they are going to need a van and some chlorophyll to get anyone decent into the post. Even with the rates of pay on offer.
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