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Found 7 results

  1. Riverside Primary School in Hereford is taking part in a new national government study to assess and monitor the prevalence of Covid-19 among pre-school, primary and secondary school pupils and teachers. On the launch of the study, which will initially collect data from up to 100 schools from across England, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: Pupils and staff at Riverside Primary School will be tested weekly until the end of the summer term for Covid-19. Results will be returned within 72 hours with plans in place if there are any positive test results. Emma Shearer, Headteacher of Riverside Primary School said: Herefordshire Council has been working closely with Public Health England to support the school to take part, and parents, staff and governors have been consulted as part of the process and preparation. Karen Wright, Director of Public Health in Herefordshire added:
  2. The £3 million pound renovation of the £1 million pound land and building at Blackfriars that the council handed over is continuing - it should look good but to spend this much money on so few children (20 to 30 at the moment) - is questionable. As mentioned on previous threads, the Principal (headteacher) resigned in January after one term in charge and an interim from Manchester was put in charge. They advertised for a new Principal and now have announced who has been selected. It is a Mr Andrew Hubble. Coincidentally, a Mr Andrew Hubble resigned as principal of an academy in West Walsall earlier this year after it was found by ofsted to be inadequate in nearly all respects including leadership and management. I wonder if this is the same Mr Andrew Hubble. And, if so, what the kids at the school have done to deserve someone with that track record. Still, the nearby Barrs Court School appointed a principal with a very dodgy reputation and track record and has had to suspend her so it seems that some schools for vulnerable kids who can't fit into mainstream education can provide a dumping ground for failed leaders. I say `some' because I know that other special schools and Pupil Referral units have excellent leaders and they and their staff do a great job that should continue. Normally the HT would trumpet any development at the ROVS - they have been strangely quiet on the new appointment.
  3. School Closures for tomorrow (Friday 2nd March) Ashfield Park Primary Ashperton Primary Aylestone High Barrs Court Barrs Court Hub Bishop of Hereford Bluecoat Blackmarston School Bosbury CE Primary Brampton Abbotts CE Primary Bredenbury Primary School Bridstow CE Primary Broadlands Primary Brockhampton Primary Brookfield School Burghill Community Academy Burley Gate CE Primary Canon Pyon CE Academy Clehonger CE Primary Clifford Primary Colwall CE Primary Eardisley CE Primary Earl Mortimer College Ewyas Harold Primary Fairfield High Garway School and the Preschool Goodrich Primary School Hampton Dene Primary Holmer CE Academy Ivington Primary John Kyrle John Masefield High Kings Caple Academy Kingstone High School Kingstone Primary Kington Primary Lea CE Primary and the Preschool Leintwardine Primary Leominster Primary Little Dewchurch Primary Llangrove CE Academy Longtown Primary Lord Scudamore Lucton School Lugwardine Primary Luston Primary Marden Primary Marlbrook Primary Michaelchurch Escley Primary Mordiford Primary Much Birch Primary Orleton CE Primary Pembridge CE Primary Pencombe CE Primary Peterchurch Primary Queen Elizabeth Bromyard Riverside Primary School Shobdon Primary St Francis Xavier St James CE Primary St Joseph's RC Primary and the Nursery St Martin's Primary School St Mary's CE Primary Credenhill St Mary's Fownhope St Mary's RC High St Michael's Primary St Paul's CE Primary St Peter's Bromyard St Thomas Cantilupe St Weonards Primary Staunton on Wye Primary School Stretton Sugwas Academy Sutton Primary Stoke Prior School Trinity Primary Walford Primary Wellington Primary School Weobley High Weobley Primary Westfield School Weston Under Penyard Primary Whitchurch CE Primary Wigmore Primary Wigmore High Withington Primary Whitecross High Full details, updates and travel news can be found at Herefordshire.gov.uk
  4. It has come to my attention that there has been a considerable amount of anger & frustration at the regeneration of 'The Oval' over on Mybook Facespace or whatever it is? In particular, construction traffic and muddy roads etc. As I have been briefed, the case is, that someone will get run over by the construction traffic, excessive amounts of mud on the roads and health and safety issues amongst others; One jolly fellow even posted the site managers phone number and email , the disbelief! Its not that hard to find!! As I live on said construction site, in their defence, they have two sweepers constantly on the go daily, one is done by the forklift drivers with a big brush, the other is a contracted Wye Valley scarab thingy! The construction traffic will always allow traffic to pass where feasible, and wait if you are approaching. The trouble is really from other road users who have no consideration when parking at the oval and those who are racing around the site trying to short-cut the Belmont road traffic; many times I have had a near miss from oncoming traffic, who are speeding and unaware of the the Highway Code. Then you have the school walk folk moaning about how their kids are going to get knocked over on the road! Hello! - What are they doing on the road in the first place? As I too do the nursery ride, I use the lines, gaining entry from Newman Close, avoiding most of the construction traffic and using the highway code, and not using the Belmont road entry as most of these 'moaners' do. There is also the Ethelstan Crescent entry for those that live further up. As for Health and Safety, quit the fags, do more exercise than just walking the kids to school and keep your kids under control; You may live longer and keep your kids safe in the process! There are frequent site visits from H&S personnel, and I’m damn sure if there were any issues they will be dealt with immediately. Oh and as of Monday 11th the Oval road will be shut. So you'll have to walk further or use Goodrich Grove. The Oval Shops will be open for business as normal. Rant over. If someone would like to share to the Facespace page please do. Rich, Neil, Dave and the Keepmoat team have kept me happy.
  5. Herefordshire Council Massive drop in parents' getting their first choice of schools compared to last year ..... A reflection of a National trend ...
  6. Keepmoat & Contractors will be digging up the highways around the Oval (shop circle) over the next few days/weeks. This is to install new services to cooperate with the existing ones. This will cause obvious disruptions around that area. Certain areas will be closed off completely during scheduled works. Restricted access in places. Please use alternative routes as necessary. The main disruptions will be the school run as Goodrich grove recieves more thoroughfare, could I ask Drivers using the A465 to be a little more considerate and allow a vehicle or two to exit in front at Goodrich grove? I also know that traffic volume on westholme rd will also increase. Please do keep the Tesco roundabout clear. Thanks. This may also be the time to recampaign to switch off the traffic lights, to elevate the volume.
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