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  1. Council have no authority in Belmont Court, thank goodness. Council should authorise re-instatement of double yellow lines opposite junction with Belmont Avenue... people don't know highway code about parking within certain distance of a t-junction. Nearly had a head-on driving towards B Rd and crazy mother going to school run. Also coming from B Rd when I have right of way, the school run drivers are maniacs.
  2. A neighbour lived above it back in the day. The developer who did that strung us along for four years trying to buy our property only to pull out in the crash and fled to a town nearer London. He also did developments in Leominster and Ross.
  3. Each property in Belmont Court has an assigned parking space/spaces. From the junction from Belmont Avenue, turning left into Belmont Court, it is privately owned and maintained, the council has no authority and has not 'adopted' it. Thus, they can't enforce the 'no waiting' there. Regularly see cars parked on the left that belong to people who used to park opposite. Since building of sheltered housing opposite the junction, and loss of the carpark and garages, parking on Belmont Avenue by people working in town has increased significantly. Nor have the double yellow lines in front of the development been repainted, meaning people ignore the highway code about parking within metres of a junction. The irresponsible people who park on Belmont Court access are restricting access.. think fire engines, rubbish lorries. Most of all, it is the danger of turning right onto Belmont Avenue.. see my other posts about this. Parents on schoolrun are always in a hurry and seem oblivious of others, whether they are driving to or from the school. If only the yellow lines were repainted.
  4. Today a leaflet came through the door from Lib Dems. Says agreement regarding residents' parking permits could not be reached with residents of various roads. One of which was Belmont Court. It may not be common knowledge, but Belmont Court is privately owned by owners of properties in Belmont Court and is maintained by them, not the Council. Surely the Council have no rights in deciding parking there?
  5. So was I. Only just seen your comment
  6. Belmont Road suffered severe problems last Sunday early afternoon. Two fire engines, two ambulances, at least four police cars and van. Hereford Times reports accidents, but not this one?
  7. I know I keep commenting on the Belmont Avenue traffic problem. I try to avoid the school-run times, but this afternoon I turned right into it from Belmont Road, behind another vehicle. Just before the left bend, the one in front pulled onto the pavement as there were the usual cars in the 'pull-in'on the right and there was a row of cars parked on the right in front of the new building. A Yeomans coach was coming in the opposite direction away from the school, with a stream of cars behind it. There were two cars behind me, so no chance of reversing. I could not pull onto pavement to let it pass until the parents and children walking along were out of the way. Praise to the coach driver who managed to make his way through. This really needs to be sorted.
  8. Hope it doesn't happen, Although with merger with Sainsburys may come to pass.
  9. Someone has told me Asda are going to start charging for parking there. Surely this will make Belmont Avenue chaos even worse? When will they put double yellow lines in front of the new building. There is a near miss on that corner daily. Imagine turning right out of Belmont Court with cars parked outside the new building.. they don't follow the Highway Code regarding parking opposite T-junctions. A head-on waiting to happen at school-run times. The parents have no consideration, just want to get out as quickly as possible. Vehicles coming from Belmont Road have right of way, but are consistently made to run on the left pavement as the parents won't/can't give way.
  10. St Matins, St Nicholas or Broad Street church.. all within earshot, although I gather St Nicholas doesn't have bells, just recordings.
  11. Did wonder if preparing for 3 Choirs.
  12. Does anyone know why the church bells have been ringing for several days?
  13. locallady

    care homes

    Not sure if this is allowed. Being totally new to this situation and know nobody to ask, am looking for care home for elderly mother with dementia. Have looked at all official websites etc.. Does anyone on here have any personal experieince with care homes in Hereford?
  14. Several residents of Belmont Road would liked to have weeded along the railings. Remembering that a few years ago a man got into trouble for mowing a grass verge, they were reluctant to.
  15. Had to take my 87 year old mother to an emergency appointment in St Owens Street on Tuesday. Husband managed to park outside, took longer than expected. He had to leave when the hour was up, by the time we could leave, it was 5.30pm, no way he could get back without us hanging around, taxi home cost us a fortune. Mum was so stressed and frail. Don't the council realise how dangerous their parking rules are?
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