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Screwfix Opening in Hereford

Colin James

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And, of course, I couldn't help noticing that despite all the accusations of moaning - 6 months later we have no Toys R Us or Screwfix or any additional news ;) :P

How can you miss Screwfix ?

The car wash has had a complete revamp too.


I heard that some company had pulled out at the last min buying or renting the rest of the Chadds buildings,anyone know who it was?

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Screwfix is open and has been for several weeks.




You know I was going to say haven't we already got screwfix, then I realised this was an old thread.

Where is it? Up where topstiles is/was?


edit: sorry, just seen sgreens post. I haven't washed the car for a few months so that'll be why. Like I say, I avoid Hereford when I can - particularly that side of the city

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