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Hereford project announces plans for SAS heritage site


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From the BBC H&W radio:
Developers want to tell the story of the SAS
Developers have applied for a multi-million pound grant to create the first special forces heritage centre in Britain.
The team behind Hereford's Enterprise Zone want to turn a former shell factory into a visitor attraction.
The factory was built in 1916 to provide artillery for World War One.
The structure is 40,000 sq ft and has an unsupported span, meaning there are no pillars or supports inside.
The SAS headquarters are in Herefordshire.
'Sense of reverence'
Neil Kerr, chairman of the Enterprise Zone board, said the factory building is as strong as ever, even though the walls are not overly robust.
"The walls were very thin because they were designed to blow out if the factory exploded," he said.
Mr Kerr said he wanted the centre to become a national attraction which would tell the story of the SAS in a sensitive way: "We will establish a real sense of reverence.
"Hereford is famous around the world for two things; beef cattle and our friends at the regiment."
The project also includes plans for exhibitions of women at war and Herefordshire's relationship with conflict.
Mr Kerr said he did not know how much money would be needed to set up the centre, but he hoped some would come from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


I thought the aim of the Enterprise Zone was to attract businesses which will create thousands of jobs. 

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I think it is also to attract tourists and people in general too.


I didn't think it was meant for tourism projects.



Enterprise Zones are areas around the country that support both new and expanding businesses by offering incentives. There are currently 24 Enterprise Zones across England.

Deciding to base your business in an Enterprise Zone gives you a number of benefits:
Financial benefits
By locating your business in an Enterprise Zone, you can claim up to 100% Business Rates relief (worth up to £275,000) over a 5-year period. In some Enterprise Zones there are also sites available where you can claim Enhanced Capital Allowances for investment in plant and machinery. Many Enterprise Zones provide even more benefits, such as lease payment holidays, low-rent incubator units and development funding. Contact the zone you are interested in for more details of the specific incentives on offer.
An on-site customer base
Many of the Enterprise Zones are encouraging businesses in the same sector to cluster together, for mutual benefit. Some focus on automotive – others on renewable energy or medical supplies. To view the Enterprise Zones by sector click here. Major businesses are specifically choosing Enterprise Zones that can provide them with the goods and services they need. By choosing an Enterprise Zone based on what you offer, you can increase your sales and reduce distribution costs.
A straightforward planning process
Enterprise Zones have a can-do attitude to planning through the use of simplified planning procedures – for example, Local Development Orders grant automatic planning permission for specified types of development. If you need a new development to accommodate the needs of your business, locating on an Enterprise Zone could save you time and money.
Business-ready infrastructure
Enterprise Zones are developed with business in mind – this means you can look forward to features like superfast broadband and easy access to motorways, rail, airports or ports. Not only that, by choosing an Enterprise Zone that’s right for your sector, you can make use of a locally based pool of labour with the skills your business needs.
Some Enterprise Zones have also negotiated ‘soft landing’ packages with partners – to encourage new businesses into their area. These packages might include pre-agreed deals with developers, accountants, or estate agents to make it easier for your business to establish a base there.
Local Enterprise Partnerships
Local Enterprise Partnerships are locally owned partnerships between local authorities and businesses. They play a central role in deciding local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and create local jobs.
Enterprise Zones have been awarded to, and are being driven by, Local Enterprise Partnerships.


No mention of tourism here.



Mr Kerr said he did not know how much money would be needed to set up the centre, but he hoped some would come from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.


Where will the rest come from. There isn't enough money to keep the toilets open. Maybe this is part of the Ministry of Defence study which sets out how to sell wars to the public.

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I wonder if they have asked the SAS?   I am not sure the regiment would like to draw more attention to their location. On the other hand I have seen the remaining old buildings on the Rotherwas site, and they are well worth using as a tourist destination. Think Bletchley Park. Herefordshire can only benefit from any new displays of heritage that attract the tourist economy. The description could be stretched to include this as an enterprise I think, but only if fully funded by a National Lottery Heritage grant or similar.

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Come on megilleland, when did this Council ever stick to the rules? :Surprised_32:


Having singularly failed to attract any businesses, I guess they have to look like they're doing something, anything, to justify the expense package.


The headline is misleading - I thought this proposal (which has been around for a while) was about celebrating the munitions workers at Rotherwas, which is an excellent idea.

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Hereford law company to host question and answer session on Hereford Enterprise Zone

Hereford Times 10:09am Monday 7th October 2013 by Mark Bowen
A HEREFORD law company is to hold a question and answer session about Hereford Enterprise Zone.
Kidwells Solicitors, based on Rotherwas Industrial Estate, is holding the session on Wednesday (October 9) from 8.30am to 10am at its offices in Coldnose Road.
Businesses moving to the zone will benefit from relief on business rates, fast tracking of the planning process and superfast broadband.
All views, questions, feedback, comments and concerns can be raised and discussed with managing director Mark Pearce.
Email Rebecca Hardy on rh@kidwellssolicitors.co.uk to submit questions in advance.


Not much notice for those businesses locally. Meanwhile in the Financial Times today



Enterprise zones to receive an extra £100m to push jobs creation

By Brian Groom, Business and Employment Editor
The government is making an extra £100m available to England’s 24 enterprise zones in an effort to speed up job creation, after criticism that they have been slow to get going.
The money, on top of nearly £700m of existing public investment, will fund projects such as road building and land clearance to unlock areas previously idle. It will be a competitive fund with zones able to submit one bid each.
The tax-friendly zones were launched in 2011, with ministers saying they would create 30,000 jobs by 2015, but there have been fears they may fail to meet expectations. George Osborne, the chancellor, urged cabinet colleagues in February to speed development.
Eric Pickles, communities secretary, said: “The zones are showing progress with over 180 businesses, half a billion pounds of private sector investment and nearly 4,000 jobs, and many more in the pipeline.â€
The zones offer companies up to £275,000 off business rates, simplified planning procedures and superfast broadband. Some also attract capital allowances or EU-backed grants because of local economic deprivation. Those that have prospered tend to have existing activity and buildings ready to move into.
The communities department said the zones were attracting international businesses such as Lockheed Martin and Jaguar Land Rover and creating jobs in sectors such as automotive, aerospace and offshore wind.
Recent plans include a £1bn scheme by a Chinese developer to build an office complex in London’s Royal Docks. Synthetic diamond company Element Six has opened a £20m research and development centre at Science Vale Enterprise Zone in Oxfordshire.


Minutes of the Executive Board are available here:

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