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📣 WEEDS!! | Hereford Weeds in Bloom...

Hereford Voice

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Here are some photographs that we have taken to highlight just how bad and BIG these weeds have become along the Belmont Road (A465) in Hereford.

The weed on the traffic lights junction just before the Asda garage is that big it is now more of a bush but clearly blocks the view for motorists and has now become more of a hazard.


The Belmont Road as we all know, is one of the busiest roads into Hereford and this is what people visiting our city first see...



At Hereford Voice we constantly focus on being 'Positive' about our beautiful city however, it becomes more challenging for us when weeds like this remain completely untouched for years with no sign of them being removed.


There are plenty of overgrown weeds throughout the city, so come on Herefordshire Council can we please have more pride in our lovely city of Hereford..

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📣 Weeds! | Now you see me 👀 ~ Now you don't... 🫣

Now you see me..

Now you don't..

Following on from topic here and our Facebook 'Weeds' article 👉 https://bit.ly/3tQoxfJ

It appears that the bush has finally been removed!! 

The positive power of social media 💪 One down, a few more thousand to go 🙄 

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All it needs is a couple of teams of conscientious men/women/other gender with vans with a selection of kit whose job it would be to permanently go around the City, street by street, clearing weeds, debris, graffitti, broken and illegal signs, getting gullies cleared and generally proactively tidying and maintaining, and within twelve months the place would look completely different. Our street hasn't been swept for three years - it used to happen about every 6 months, it's that constant unseen reduction in services that is increasingly manifesting in the run down appearance of the City (and the County). Yes, councillors will bleat on about reduction in income, but what they have is still being squandered at an alarming level, so that argument doesn't really stack up in my view. It's nitty gritty housekeeping we need, not endless vanity projects, but then it was ever thus.

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Agree with you twowheelsgood. 

Today I thought I would take some hedge trimmings to the Hereford tip and also a traffic cone left in the street outside my home. The hedge cuttings were disposed of as expected, but the traffic cone I had to bring back home as the tip operatives said it was trade waste and to contact the Council to dispose of it. Back home I contacted Balfour Beatty who were unsure who dealt with traffic cones, but I was told to leave it outside the house and someone would collect it within the next 10 days. I said if I put it out on the road again it will be moved by kids to a new location and the problem persists. 

Shopping trolleys are appearing in larger numbers locally - it must be the breeding season! I have had one Tesco trolley in my garden for 5 weeks and the organisation who collect them on behalf of supermarkets has yet to call. There are now 2 trolleys in Muir Close, 2 trolleys in Dunoon Mead service road and another in Bredwardine Close. The company Trolleywise came from Gloucester to pick up previous trolleys. Maybe it is because I don't use a smart phone and their app to contact them. I just ring up their head office in Warwick, it used to be in Edinburgh, to arrange collection with no problem. However the trend today is to not make it easy to speak to a human office worker, but to get on a smart ar*e phone app. So the problems persist. What's the point of taking a photo of the abandoned trolley when it will be moved to somewhere else. Surely all supermarkets could employ someone local to pick these up.

I am sure a group of retired pensioners could do a better job than the present system.


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