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Tree care on Newton Farm


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For the past 4 years I have tried to get Herefordshire Council to cut back a tree which is behind my house and blocking sunlight reaching the garden. All I want is for some branches to be removed to limit the spread of the tree. I have raised this with my councillors and they have passed the matter to the parks department, but they are totally against taking any action. They have sent me two leaflets regarding their policy on trees which do not help.



This tree owned by the Council, the rest by Muir Housing



View of trees lopped by Muir Housing. Note the path separating land with bollards from highway verge.


The bizarre twist in this application is that this tree is one of twelve planted by Muir Housing Group when the houses were built, but because the Council say that this tree is on the highway verge they are responsible for it. There is actually a path between the land this tree is planted on and the highway verge - so I would say that it is not on the highway verge.


Muir Housing Group lopped their 11 trees in 2010 and their reason for this: "The reason that I (Susan Harris) requested tree work to be carried out on our trees was due to the fact that I felt the trees could become dangerous and therefore rather than an accident happening I had our contractors look at the trees who in turn contacted professional tree surgeons and they advised us on what they felt was the best way forward".


The work they carried out I thought was excellent. Not only were the trees thinned out, but the lower branches were removed to stop the children climbing the trees and reducing vandalism.


I believe the real reason that the council do not want to take any action on the tree behind me is one of cost, but I have offered to pay for the work myself by employing a tree surgeon. The council have refused this offer. I have posted this item because when you travel around the housing estates I have been appalled by the treatment some of the trees have received at the hands of Amey and Herefordshire Housing. Much of the work carried out resembles the after effects of a nuclear bomb.



Before Waterfield Road



After Waterfield Road. These must have been cut by the council as they are on the highway verge



Back of Kemble Court/Sherborne Close



Back of Kemble Court/Sherborne Close


The character of the tree has been destroyed and we are left with something that looks a very poor specimen. A lot of this work has been carried out on Herefordshire Housing trees due to the trees, in some cases, blocking light out of houses and blocking gutters, but the council do not seem to worried in pulling them up in the manner they have carried out the work.


So if you want to see a real tree visit the one behind Muir Close and we have another two council trees affecting properties further round in the street. I do not think I will be wasting any more of my time conversing with the council as they are totally unhelpful and not interested in the estates environment. No matter what you raise with them they couldn't care less using the recession as an excuse.

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Take a saw to it during the night, quite simple. :Angry_32:


Muir and Amey are having a laugh. Get hold of a light meter and see what percentage of light is being blocked "as there is a threshold", then you have yourself a rather nice a court case to hand them! :Winking_32: which will cost them a lot more than thinning out this tree, they are just being awkward in my opinion

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