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B4224 Fownhope Road repair work has been complex and substantial

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The B4224 Fiddler's Green to Fownhope road is due to reopen to traffic tomorrow (Friday 25th March)


Mairead Lane, Head of Infrastructure Delivery, said:



"Our challenge has been to safely reopen the B4224 at Fownhope as soon as possible. The work needed to repair and safely reopen the B4224 at Fownhope has been complex and substantial. The engineered solution, particularly to the retaining wall at the Stone Cottage site, has taken an incredible amount of work and we have needed to ensure we provide a long-term, reliable repair.

"We are pleased that works are now complete, but we appreciate that the length of time this has taken has been hugely frustrating. We are sorry that the works have taken longer than originally anticipated, and would like to thank local residents and motorists once again for their patience."



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On top of whatever all this ends up costing I see we are now to spend nearly £360,000 on repairing the damage to the surrounding road network as a result of the closure. I'm not suggesting that this work should not be done just pointing out how the folly of the Council on this mess spreads. Of course this will be done by BBLP.

Positive news I guess though

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