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Hereford Voice 'Councillor Sessions' Part 3 - Hereford Transport Hub

Hereford Voice

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Having Your Say | Hereford Voice 'Councillor Sessions' Q&A Continued - Part 3 Hereford Transport Hub

At Hereford Voice our slogan has always been 'Having Your Say' and through our network we are going to give you the opportunity to ask your questions to some of our Councillors.

Cabinet Member - Infrastructure and Transport Councillor John Harrington agreed to be put under the spotlight and to answer as many questions put to him in our first exclusive 'Councillor Sessions' series here https://hfd.news/eec

Tonight in part 3 of our series Cllr Harrington responds to questions about the Hereford Transport Hub

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Cllr Harrington for agreeing to be the first of many councillors who will be engaging with you all this year as part of our 'exclusive' Hereford Voice 'Councillor Sessions'

#herefordvoice #herefordnews #herefordshire #hfdvcs

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Couple of points 

= there is a cycle route along the link road. OK is is not segregated but it is there and is well used

= the traffic on Blueschool/Newmarket has not really reduced because through traffic is allowed to use it. The road signs do not indicate that the link road should be used for through traffic - why not? Also probably sat navs do not direct to the link road. For example a local company Hereford Quarries have most of their vehicles ignoring the link road! Be proactive and traffic in the centre can be reduced as then can be the width of Blueschool/Newmarket

= speak to Network Rail about using part of the station building for passenger facilities for the hub 

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The growth of the City over the next decade there will be a need for more multi storey car parks especially when Merton Meadow is turned into housing etc. To me the bus station in Commercial Road is probably the best location for having one.
Traffic lights along the Link Road were a huge & expensive mistake,the ones on Widemarsh St need removing asap and a roundabout along the lines of the one in Cambridge that gives pedestrians and cyclists priority is the way to go.

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Yes, agree to all that. The link road 'cycle route' is badly and confusingly signed and dangerous to use. I think it's actually safer (and much quicker) just to ride on the road, although I appreciate many cyclists are not confident enough to do that. The whole link road is just a massive and expensive mess, remotely designed using out of date software. Councillors responsible may be gone, but officers are not - they are clearly not doing their (very well paid) job very well. With them, Balfour Beatty Living Places and WBP (?) all still I'm place, how on earth are things going to improve?

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