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Herefordshire Council Fast-Track Plans to Close Old Bridge to Northbound Vehicles

Hereford Voice

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Herefordshire Council have fast-tracked a 7 day order to close the Old Bridge to northbound traffic by converting the road to a pedestrian and cyclist only route. Buses will still be able to use the route. 


These decisions have been made behind closed doors as it's a seven day order there is no public consultation required, is this transparent enough

There are many concerns by local businesses about a huge potential loss of trade. We understand that traders were notified on June 20 with the consultation ending on June 23

People living south of Hereford will be most inconvenienced by these changes, If you needed to drive into the city centre your main route would be to drive to the Steels roundabout northbound to then come back southbound to gain access into Broad St and King St. Motorists could attempt to turn right into St. Nicholas St but that junction at best only allows one or two vehicles to cross before the lights change.

Additional cycles routes and reduced speed limits are welcome but are these changes going to cause more traffic mayhem particularly if the Greyfriars bridge becomes blocked?

The measures in Hereford are shown on the attached map and comprise:
- 20mph zones
- On street cycle lanes
- Footway widening
- Extension to the city centre timed closure
- Closure of the old Wye Bridge to all but buses and cycles


The measures are temporary and although they have a maximum period of 18 months, they will be monitored and retained only for as long as necessary. If a measure is felt to be suitable for retention in the long term, a fully TRO process with consultation will be required.

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Yeah because this is a great idea. Traffic is worse than ever on the new bridge and this will make it better? ....Probably about as clever as reversing the one way system through town twice. Is there anyone with any kind of logic on Herefordshire Council?....clearly not.

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The traffic scheme? No point in even commenting on the detail - I've been increasingly disappointed by this Council - I had high hopes that they were a genuine force for good (and I'm sure they thought that too), but, after over a year in office, I'm just not seeing this being delivered. Officers will do what they want to do and whatever helps them climb the greasy pole - public comments are a necessary evil they have to go through, but we all know they are always ignored.

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