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Saving the planet?


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Saving the planet?

Somebody every couple of months deposits a bag of cat litter and other items behind the garages between Muir Close and Sherborne Close and expects somebody to dispose of their waste. This is usually done by myself on a regular weekly litter pick. However I can't be bothered to tidy this mess up after this waster left his rubbish again behind the garages and some other idiot thought it would be fun to kick the contents over the footpath for others to walk through. Don't these people have waste bins to dispose of their waste properly.


People (usually the younger generation) go on about saving the planet from pollution yet most of the litter I pick up is drink cans, fast food wrappings, scratch cards and sweet papers. A lot of the cans of drinks are labelled energy drinks, but obviously those drinking these have not got the strength to throw the items into waste bins. There are three bins in my area close to the local shop - why don't they use them?

These plastic tops of drinks bottles are easily washed down the drains and need to be attached to the bottle.


Another twist to recycling is the habit of some people putting a quantity of cans and bottles in black plastic bags. These are usually left by the waste bins or recycling bins. However the council will not recycle black plastic bags and leave the items on the footpath or behind outbuildings were they are dumped. The streets on our estates are now littered regularly, the drains blocked and kerbs overgrown with weeds. Slowly and surely this adds to the blighting of the area and our planet which the younger future generation couldn't care less about.



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This is disgraceful and a health problem .

re your comment relating to the younger generation , I am a regular caller at Greggs in Broad St . I stand in the queue with my red re usable mug for my coffee , because I supply the mug I get 20p off my coffee , reduced from £1.90 to £1.70 . 

It never ceases to amaze me the number of youngsters who ,it appears are happy to pay the extra 20p to have their drink in a one use mug .

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Hi Martin

Thank you for contacting me to look at this item on the litter deposited by some moron between Muir Close and Sherborne Close .I have immediately contacted Balfour Beatty Living Places with a request to clear it and see if there are any forensic clues that might identify the moron responsible . I think your pictures say a thousand words and I will look at this secluded spot in person and I will also call on you for a chat .  I just cannot understand the mindset of people who behave like this,they would probably be the first to moan if someone did this outside their home !

See you soon 

City and County Cllr for Newton Farm 

Bernard Hunt 

Tel 01432-367674

Mobile 07486-552702

Email bernardhunt.herefordshire @gmail.com

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Thanks for the reply, but I have now cleaned up the area and there was no evidence in the rubbish as to who had dumped it. However the bags of cat litter behind the garage is a regular occurrence - roughly every couple of months. Look forward to meeting you as several issues and observations concerning the estate need to be addressed. I can be contacted on 01432 353971.

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I'm not sure about the derogatory language, but at least he's responded. It's a crying shame that we seem to be stuck, for now, with BBLP's 'reactive' policy ie do nothing until someone complains for which we pay £20m a year (at least). It's just a waste of eveyone's time on something which should happen automatically in the background. The City in particular continues it's slow but visible decline as a result. I did note one of the new incoming Council's policies was to review the BBLP contract - I know these things take time, and they've got an awful lot to put right, but surely getting the old street cleaning team back together on a direct labour basis has to be a priority?

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moron[ mawr-on, mohr- ]

Informal. a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment:

Psychology. (no longer in technical use; now considered offensive) a person of borderline intelligence in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

Moronic seems a good way to describe this repeat behaviour.

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Company claims dog poo litter in Hereford has risen massively
By James Thomas, Hereford Times - 18th February 2021

A waste company has claimed dog poo litter is up 200 per cent since the coronavirus lockdown started

WALKING the dog has become one of the few opportunities to get outside for some fresh air during lockdown, but it has come at a stinking, germ-ridden cost, according to a cleaning company.

Divert.co.uk, a dog poo litter removal company, claimed dog poo litter in Hereford has been "up 200 per cent since lockdown", which it says is a "clear indicator that not all dog owners are cleaning up" after their pets.

The company provides dog poo litter removal for councils and private landowners and says it has been alarmed by the rise.

Mark Hall, from Divert.co.uk, said: “It is disgusting to see that some dog owners are failing to pick up after their pets, when it’s an offence and the waste can lead to serious illnesses."

With lockdown three in full-swing, current England guidelines allow for people to walk their dog alone, with their household or support bubble, or with one person from another household.

Mr Hall said: “Walking your dog is important for both pet and owner for exercise, especially while we are all house-bound during the lockdown.

“Unfortunately, thanks to the thoughtless behaviour by a few individuals, dog owners are once again getting a bad reputation due to a massive increase in dog mess on the streets.”

Divert.co.uk said it believes that due to fewer people being out and about, irresponsible dog owners believe they are less likely to get caught, so are more like to leave the poo and run.

But it added not all dog owners will leave poo on the pavement, as waste campaigners Keep Britain Tidy has found that nine out of 10 dog owners do regularly clean up after their dog.

The 10 per cent who do not clean up after their dog could be fined up to £100, and that could go up to £1,000 if the issue goes to court.

“There really is no excuse for this behaviour, especially as the waste can be put into any public bin,” Hall said.

“It’s lockdown laziness, especially those guys who bag the mess, then don’t bin the bag. Get a grip."

An interactive map from Herefordshire Council shows there are currently dozens of reported dog poos in Hereford which have been reported.

Mess can be reported by using the map on the council's website, with the page warning: "Dog poo is a health hazard, all dog owners have a legal duty to clean up after their dog.

"Failure to do so could result in a dog control order with an £80 fixed penalty notice, or a maximum fine of £1,000.

"In addition to reporting the area is in need of cleaning, if you wish to report an individual, or would like the enforcement team to visit the area and investigate please answer the question below."

Elsewhere in the county, a parish council near Bromyard has urged local dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their pet.

Stoke Lacy Parish Council clerk Alma Westwood said at a meeting on October 14 the council was asked to investigate the possible installation of dog waste bins.

But it had since been told by Herefordshire Council that it does not supply or empty such bins.

The parish council was told that it was the responsibility of all dog owners to clean up after their dog and take the waste home with them for disposal there.

"Accordingly the parish council will not be providing dog waste bins anywhere in the parish," she said in a letter on its website.

"The parish council is not, and cannot be, responsible for emptying bins and disposing of people’s dog waste.

"If you have a dog you are required by law to clean up after it and dispose of the waste in a responsible manner.

"Anyone found not doing so is liable to be prosecuted and fined.

"Please do not use the litter bin by the bus stop. This bin is for general litter only.

"Please be a responsible dog owner and dispose of its waste appropriately. Thank you for your co-operation." 

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More cat litter and cans dropped behind Muir Close garages again. Where's this person coming from to drop it here. It's a regular occurrence, but I'm not going to pick it up again. I've contacted the Council and they can send one of their operatives out. Shame is their pets are most probably better behaved than they are.



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The ward councillor should be sorting this out - where is she? It needs her to pull together the parties that are ignoring it and ensure that they are all aware of their responsibilities. I note that it has been over 2 years since I commented further up this thread about the BBLP contract review - no surprise that nothing has happened and my periodic emails to my ward councillor and Cllr Harrington about this issue go unanswered.

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Waste dumped by garages on 12th December 2021 still there today 30th January 2022. Spoken to BBLP and Community Protection several times no action, might try the local councillor to see if she can initiate something. More cat litter being dumped in it. Also cat litter dumped in Tesco shopping bags at Pixley Walk and Dunoon Mead.

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And the morons still drop their litter where they like. Tried to contact Balfour Beatty, HCC Community Protection and Muir Housing. Couldn't get through to HCC Community Protection and Muir Housing. Balfour Beatty say that Muir Housing should tidy the mess up, but whoever is dropping the litter is using the public footpath behind the garages. Connexus (Hereford Housing) were also mentioned in the telephone inquiry with Balfour Beatty. Any way I'm not picking it up. I do a litter pick once a week in the neighbourhood with a purple bag and fill that up. 

Spent a couple of hours talking to telephone systems this morning that can't put you in touch with a human being who can resolve the problem.


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As I said nearly a year ago, the ward councillor should be on top of this (perhaps not literally) and pulling together various bodies to get it sorted. It's not too long now until the elections, so all the councillors that we haven't seen for several years will be door knocking to tell us what a good job they're done and asking for our vote. Perhaps walk them round this mess.

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