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Stop Talking About The War!


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When the lessons of history are ignored and the European continent slides ever closer to German domination of all its citizens, it's very hard not to talk about the war. After the cessation of hostilities of World War 2, the British and the Americans ensured that every country affected by German aggression waved their right for Reperation Damages that quickly resulted in Germany becoming able to develop into the European Economic Super Power that it is today. As early as 1960, only fifteen years after the conflict, Germany began its economic domination of Europe and it was all achieved because Britain and America paid for it and small countries like Poland and Greece were ignored. Without a single shot fired and without one act of aggression Germany has become the ruler of Europe and we are destined to repeat historical mistakes in allowing it to happen again.

The mistake thats created German domination of Europe is all based upon a political decision made in 1945/46 that concluded that The Versailles Treaty of World War 1 was harsh upon Germany and it's people, and post World War2 the allies would ensure that Germany would be relieved of the burden of its shame to avoid a third German act of European aggression.

It was all done with language. The War very quickly became the responsibility of the Nazis. The German people very quickly became the victims of the Nazis and over time Germany and it's people were moreorless exonerated from any responsibility because it was all the fault of the Nazis.

Now to my point......that rejects the European Brexit Commission and German political leaders who say we should stop talking about the war. Recently, the Polish Government are introducing legislation that'll make it a custodial offence for anyone to refer to the Holocaust Death Camps as 'Poland or Polish Death Camps'. For decades since the passing of the Nazis it's become normality for these terrible places to be referred to as Polish Death Camps. Because of political language designed to be gentle toward Germany and it's people, these camps have never ever been referred to as German Death Camps. That shameful burden and cruel unjust label is one now carried by the people of Poland and quite rightly, despite objections from Israel, Germany and the EU commission, the Polish people no longer wish to carry the shame that belongs to the Nazis and the German people.

Why shouldn't Poland pursue this aim? They didn't build the camps, they didn't exterminate millions of Jewish people. The only reasons they are called Polish Death Camps is because of political language and a strategic and geographical decision made by the German Armed Forces to build these evil places in a location that was far away from German conurbations and not to distant into the east of the continent. Because of easy established rail and transport links the German Reich picked Poland and that was that. Now, over time, they've become The Polish Death Camps and the people of Poland should be supported and not accused of trying to dilute the story of the Holocaust.

The story of the Holocaust will never be lost. Neither will their geographic locations in Poland and other neighbouring countries. Everyone will forever know where these atrocities took place but it is now very wrong that Poland or Polish people should take on the ownership of these terrible places. The ownership belongs to The Nazis and the Germans and this is where the ownership belongs.

With one word from Germany the British people would receive a kinder and better Brexit. One signal from Angela Merkel and she'd be able to call the attack dogs off the Polish and all the other member states who are clinging onto their sovereignty. And with just one single thought for the people of Greece, who are now essentially owned and run by German financiers, the Greek people could once again claim back their sovereignty and begin to live their lives free of German influence.

Stop talking about the war! How can you?

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The reasons that some uneducated people refer to the concentrations camps as Polish concentration camps is probably down to their location, in actual fact they are German concentration camps that were built in Poland because that is central Europe and from a logistic point of view an ideal location for their warped final solution.



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