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I'd like to see all drugs defined as controlled under the provisions of the Misuse Of Drugs Act legalised. The whole lot. Cannabis, Opiates, Amphetamines, Cocaine. Decriminalise them all and allow our members of society a free choice as to whether or not they wish to take drugs.

The benefits would be felt immediately. The Criminal Justice System would be relieved of its responsibility to prosecute, the prices of say a kilo of Heroin would shoot down and even Cocaine, the champagne drug of choice and so costly to purchase it's become out of reach for me and many others who's income won't stretch to buying an ounce a week to enjoy it's mind altering properties, would become freely available to those with a limited disposable income.

Whatsmore, by taking this step, our roads would become much safer for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Every single year statistics show that hundreds of fatalities occur involving drivers who are not intoxicated or out of their minds on drugs. Indeed, last year in the United Kingdom, not one person was killed by a driver who was drunk and under the influence of smoking Cannabis and snorting three lines of Cocaine. You can't argue with facts. Statistically, the records show that the more you drink and the more drugs you take, you are less likely to flatten a pedestrian on your way home.

Consider Athletics! Instead of spending millions on 'doping' investigative work, allow the athlete the opportunity to compete under the influence of drugs. That way every single athlete would have direct access to drugs and be given the opportunity to compete equally and fairly with everyone else.

Interestingly, if the Athletics Associations grasped this opportunity, it would revitalise the global interest in sporting achievements. Imagine after a few years all our athletes became bulked up, hyped up and generally mentally deranged during their event, remarkable World Records could be achieved. I'm not suggesting that we'll ever see the day when a man or woman can leap over the roof of a semi detached dwelling but the current record of nigh on eight feet would easily be broken by a jump of twelve feet.

Course, it'd cost. The sandpit for the long jump. That'd have to be extended and new safe and purpose built stadia for the throwing events would need to be quickly addressed to ensure the spectators were safe from the Javelin or Discus.

Whatsmore, once the sprinters had digested enough of their drugs of choice, a sub nine second one hundred metres race would become commonplace and in time, possibly in my lifetime, a man or a woman, both sexes are equally capable, could run the hundred yards in less than five seconds.

It seems to me that whilst my view is open to ridicule and I'm pretty sure many will disagree with me, mankind needs to evolve to achieve and unless we open our minds and embrace the idea that drugs are a good and kindly tool to benefit humanity and athletics, then we're never going to see a man or a woman perform exteaordinary feats of human brilliance and advance our humanity and civilisation.

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