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Concerns' over top Cheshire East Council officials' conduct

Denise Lloyd

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Chief Executive has been suspended, possibly Bill Norman and A. N. Other was well?


Suarez the chief exec should have been suspended as soon as he appointed Norman.  Check out his report to members recommending the El Normo's appointment:




Strangely no mention of the mess Norman left in Herefordshire or his dubious activities at Torbay and Wirral. I wonder why that was? Suarez is at worst mendacious, at best a bloody idiot. Either way, he's hardly worth £246k a year is he?

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An interesting detail buried in this article about Cheshire East spaffing the council tax payers' money on "interims" (a practice not unknown in our own dear county)




It seems to suggest that the Council has, temporarily at least, dispensed with El Normo's services: "The appointment will be for the duration of the director of legal services’ absence from work". At the same time there's been no report of suspension in the same way as Suarez the Chief Executive. Perhaps El Normo found the committee hearing into officers' conduct a bit too stressful and has been signed off? Still, as his prior history at Wirral shows, he's no stranger to sitting around on his thumb while continuing to be handsomely remunerated at public expense.



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