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Empty shops


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I read the ht article which claims that since HBID starring counting at the beginning of 2016 there are now 44 empty shops. My response to the discussion on the ht website is as follows:


We have run a survey for several years usually at the end of December or early January where we have counted how many empty shops there are in Hereford.

In December 2014 = 42 empty shops
January 2015 = 55 empty shops
January 2016 = 50 empty shops.
We decided not to run the survey his year but I would like to see the full list of empty shops in this latest report because 44 is just over where we were back in December 2014 which is a good sign however, I would like to see the numbers less than 40 or even 30
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Looking at the retail  for sale/let in Hereford.Following empty units are now sold/let or under offer

27 Commercial St,under offer
21 Eign Gate,under offer
24 Eign Gate sold
3 Widemarsh St,under offer
26 Eign Gate,under offer
27 King Street Let,
2 All Saints Ct,let
42 Eign Gate,Sold
20 St Owen St,let
52 St Owen St,let
48 Commercial Road,let

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It is when it's brought up time and time again.there is another topic somewhere regarding new shops opening. I don't see people posting in thathe for a while.

Yes that's correct...I posted it. I wanted to pitch a positive message about new shops opening...seems I was correct then.

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I don't see this as a negative subject.  It's a discussion as to the state of the city centre.  If there are x number of shops empty, then there are x number of shops empty.  It can make for a very depressing wander around the centre of town, but it still does not mean that we should avoid discussing it.

As for the shops that Ragwert lists as under offer or let, how many of these will actually come to fruition?   There have been plenty of offers put in for shops in the past that not come to anything...  Add to that those that do open up and close down after the initial lease period has expired.

That said, if the number of empty units is decreasing, and continues to do so, then that has to be good news, long may it continue.

For my part, I wish there were more sports shops around, like there were in the 1980's.  The whole jumble sale feel of Sports Direct leaves me a bit cold, and Club Sport is a tad pricey for my wallet.  <Dream sequence...> I remember fondly the days of Ellis's, Sports Gear and Wear, Jennings, Jessons, Joe Wade and Feet First....  <aaahhh... Happy days...>

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