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Tory Election Fraud


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The BBC gets the majority of it's news from Reuters who are a 19th cent German company who are based today in canary wharf They have offices all over the world and a firm connection to all the rich and famous ie banking dynasty's and are Israel supporters that is why the any reports relating to Palestine are biased and you never hear anything about Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen and there hate of Shia's which they preach in Schools and the list goes on. Make no mistake the BBC is a tory front man full of corruption.

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I wouldn't disagree with that comment Ipusseycat: "Make no mistake the BBC is a tory front man full of corruption."

It was very interesting to see the change in reporting the weekend before the full Junior Doctors strike recently.

It was almost unbiased one day, then the Saturday before the first full strike day, the whole reporting shifted somewhat to concentrate on how dangerous it was, how much patient care had suffered in the previous strikes etc etc...

And before that the almost blanket coverage of the Archbishop of Canterbury's parentage story on the same day that a huge protest march in London got zero coverage on any BBC channel...

Who's in charge of our "Free" media again?

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