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Castle Green Fireworks


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Cracking night out! Thanks FOCG! Cheap cider, cheep food and cheap decent fireworks- thanks to Julian. A few people I spoke to were racecourse veterans and said how much nicer CG was. No complaints from me. At my estimated guess I recon 2-3000 folks attended. It was full but not crowded.
My only concern was the chap flying the phantom drone over the crowd and above the fireworks. Both illegal and he is not qualified to do so anyhow. (I know who he is and which shop he works in!)







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Just the point I was making. Why have I got to pay £8 to use the paths on that event night next week ? Is it a Public Space or not ?


same applies to racecourse too I believe Roj. You can walk round that too any day!

It is a private function in a public area. Google it.

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The diversion for the few hours was a maximum of 300 meters for anyone who was not able to go through Castle Green. I understand it is not a public right of way anyway.


It looked like well over 1000 people were having an excellent time - and it was nice to hear the big cheer and applause at the end of the fireworks. Everyone seemed happy and hopefully some much needed funding was raised by the hard working volunteers to help support the local community. It is a given that the Government are not going to provide funding for the upkeep of open spaces like the Castle Green - so anything that the community can do for itself must be a good thing.


To quote Spock - "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".


I went and it was excellent. We had a choice of a couple of venues but glad we decided to go the the Castle Green we went on the the Saracens Head for a jar after  :Grin:

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