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Belmont Road Works Start 3 August 2015


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Belmont Road works postponed until 3 August


National Grid statement 


We would like to advise motorists that the planned gas mains replacement work on Belmont Road in Hereford has been postponed for two weeks. The work will now start on Monday, 3 August and is expected to take four weeks to complete. During that time, there will be two-way traffic lights to control the traffic on Belmont Road by the junction with Walnut Tree Avenue.


Herefordshire Council


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It appears that National Grief are at it again! This time outside Farm Foods. They may have started on a Sunday with a full workforce but guaranteed to continue throughout the week with minimal effort. Add this to the farcical at the north end of the city and whalah GRIDLOCK.

That is why I love Hereford- we sit back and take it lying down.

I will cry if there are 'minor inconveniences' on the GWW though.



All is clear. Sometimes I wonder if my negativity is pro-positivity!

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