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Needle Exchange and Methadone Programme.


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They're bloody at it again. Bloody Council! They've hoovered up yet another 'interesting' area of business at the expense of something less bloody interesting that'll soon find its way into the outsourcing tray.

Well I've had enough! That's it for me. To think what the Council will do with this little slice of joy frightens the life out of me. Good bloody grief!

Well I for one ain't going to have anything to do with them and their programme that'll be sure to attract more pointless jobs, more management tiers, endless bloody meetings, and the loss of half a bloody acre of wood destroyed to create the bludgeoning bilge of paperwork that'll be flying around Plough Lane.

They can get stuffed. On principle I refuse to have anything to do with it. I'll be damned if I do.

If, for some strange reason I suddenly wake up and decide to buy a bag of 'smack' cook it up on my wife's stew spoon mixed in with me blood and I jack it directly into my loin and within days I become addicted to Heroin, I will not, under any circumstances hurtle down Plough Lane and beg Geoff bloody Hughes for a forty milligram slug of their delightful Methadone. Never! I'd sooner say to my loved ones, 'tether me to the bed, lock the door and no matter the dreadful sounds of wailing and begging you hear, do not release me.'

Yes! That's the limits of my cooperation with the Council and their Needle Exchange and Methadone Programme. I will never, ever sit in Hughes Office, listen to him preaching on telling me why it was unwise to inject this dreadful opiate into my and beg him for a quick swig from his bucket of Methadone.

I'd sooner buy it off the streets. Yes, even if I had to pay for it. I'll be damned if Geoff Hughes is given the golden opportunity to look down his nose at me as I crouch between his legs begging him to put me out of my misery and allow my senses to be dimmed by his opiate substitute.

The whole bucket of sludge is now completely out of control. Not satisfied with the many other areas of Health Care they've managed to latch onto, they've now grabbed hold of the needles and the Methadone. They've no business involving themselves in any of this and I refuse to have anything to do with them and bloody it!

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It is staggering, and indeed bloody madness. Needles are just the tip of it, so to speak.


"Health checks and stop smoking services currently provided by GP’s and pharmacies  - tender evaluations currently in progress and successful bidders identified within the next few weeks."


Health check by a GP or a council funded outsourced operative, likely on a miserly wage whilst earning a fortune for offshore share holders? I know which I'd prefer, indeed demand.

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Correct Greenknight! As a matter of principle I will not entrust my future recovery, if one is required, by this Council. I'd sooner tap on the door of Kenny The Kilo and beg him to dull my urges and arrest my cravings than ever stagger into Plough Lane and beg for help.

It's all a matter of principle and I am a man of principle. I refuse to take part in this Programme!

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