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New Senior Salaries and Structures


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A new fancy job title - how very exciting!


I asked, because I could see no mention of these individuals in the second flow chart......perhaps the job descriptions, person specifications and salaries are still being negotiated???


( I also clocked the huge increase......we're certainly paying the best, the question is - are we getting the best???)

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It's about time Councillors started to realise they are making decisions without being in full possession of all the facts. The next thing they should be asking is why officers responsible for redesigning services can dismiss front line staff and then award themselves a 20k salary increase? There is absolutely no justification for salary increases of this nature particularly when a front line member of staff was dismissed to facilitate that increase.


January 2014

The full salary of the Project Director now responsible for Customer Services and Libraries.


The salary is HC13 - £50,708 to £54,956 – covering both posts of Head of Service for Community and Customer Services / Project Director. This is not a Director.


January 2015


Head of community and customer services and project director broadband




Perhaps Geoff Hughes or Councillor Morgan can justify this decision since they would both have rubber stamped it!

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There's no end to it. We've simply no hope. They've no handbrake, they've no accountability and the recession was something that never affected them and their lifestyles.

This is the way it is and there's nothing that we can do to stop it. It's truly depressing and commenting upon it has become an exercise in futility. They do not care what we think!

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