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Bobby47 - why on earth!!

Aylestone Voice

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Bobby, finally got round to reading Bulls banter, brilliant post. Although it appears far to intellectual challenging for some, shame on you! What were you thinking?


I've taken the liberty of analysing the post below and have to say this chap does have a point. He has spent many a wasteful hour following you around on the forums and reading your nonsensical posts on the Hereford Voice and the Hereford Times ( Obviously doesn't have much else going on in his his life's) It's also quite worrying that this poor chap fears you could bore people to death. I have to say Bobby I am HORRIFIED THAT you are putting people's health and safety at risk! Do you have an up to date risk assessment which considers the impact on people who chose to read your posts across the different forums?




Not looked at bb for a few days been busy, but diving into this thread I have to say I am HORRIFIED to see that Bobby47 has joined the forum, is this the same guy who posts huge volumes of boring, rambling nonsensical posts on the hereford voice forum, hereford times and no doubt other forums? He obviously doesn't have much else going on in his his life and I fear will bore us all to death, is he even a football fan or just some sad forum addict coming on here for as bit of fun? I will happily withdraw my comments if he turns out to be a passionate Bulls fan but based on the rubbish I have seen him post elsewhere I'm not sure that is the case...

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It's an absolute disgrace! That's what it is! I've been evicted from the House and despite what they tell you in the Bible, knock and the door shall be opened, they won't let me back in. It's a bloody injustice. Yes an injustice and I demand my inalienable rights to be served up to me forthwith. Open that door and let me in!

What's the tapping world coming to when somebody can get shoved through the door without as much as a by your leave, thank you very much, now clear off the boring fat fool. I know what I'll have, what I won't have and what I will have if they bet me fifty quid to have it and I ain't having this. I'll be damned if I do!

If there's anyone out there, who's got nothing else better to do, I'm begging you, yes begging you, to get yourself into that Bulls Banter House and get me back in.

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Hi Bobby. It's most definitely their loss! I would be quite happy for your time and talents to be completely monopolised be Hereford Voice.


However, I feel you have been treated so very unfairly, that you absolutely should be reinstated immediately.....and possibly receive an apology for the emotional trauma you have suffered.


We know that several Bulls Banter members read these pages, so your thoughts on the fact that you were quite correct in your assertion that the Meadow End would be safe, will not have escaped their attention.


It takes a decent person to throw their hands in the air, and acknowledge they have made a mistake.


Sadly, I'm not sure that those in charge at Bulls Banter will be able to do this.


In the meanwhile, your literary offerings will always find an appreciative audience on these pages.

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Bobby , just been reading the Bulls Banter for the first time - I would not wish to be associated with them , it appears that they criticise other posters for spelling mistakes , poor grammar etc . Not my idea of a friendly site .


My suggestion Bobby is to forget them , as our friend Dippy said , stick with the HV . You are amongst friends who will critise and support your posts without fear or favour .

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