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Denise Lloyd

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Council leaders of all parties plead for no more cuts

Public services will suffer terribly if the chancellor insists on more savings
 Save Public Services retweeted

Council leaders of all parties plead for no more cuts http://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/2014/nov/30/letters-council-leaders-across-spectrum-plead-no-more-cuts â€¦ 40 Tory signatories listed, inc Swindon's @CllrDavidRenard



Unless I am very much mistaken HC have not put their name to this why?



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Maybe they thought that signing a petition is always just pretty pointless?


Leaving aside the fact that it's a letter, not a petition, our council `leader' has lost any right to wring his hands and blame central govt cuts for the mess that this county is in.  He has had the opportunity to join other council leaders in objecting to those cuts and trying to defend services and has chosen not to.  To misquote the good book: "Whoever is not against the cuts is for them".  

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