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New look Co-op

Adrian symonds

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It is getting closer, our Co-op is getting a new look, so exciting :)


Who says that nothing ever happens up the College?


Mind you it is about time something was done about it as it was getting tatty, but something needs to be done about the parking as people park in stupid places on the corners and I can see someone getting injured or killed on day.


Is anyone Councillors representing the College, ok Aylstone post on here? i can't see NICK NENADICH doing so, to be honest. I doubt it it is his sort of thing. I do not know about Brian Willcox as I know very little about him. but maybe they should look at the parking at the Co-op.




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I use that shop at least twice a week and agree that the parking is an issue but due to it's location I don't see what can be done about that.


The shop was looking a bit tatty and the layout inside was a bit impractical. Hopefully they will make better use of the limited space available.


I went there at 7 PM last night {Sunday} to buy something as I'd forgotten about the refit. The shop fitters were there working inside and out. The one's outside all appeared to be Eastern Europeans as they were talking to each other in a foreign language.

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