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Creeping changes threaten view from Aylestone Park

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Saturday 13 September 2014 in Hereford Times Letters:

THE original Aylestone Rise development in the 'protected' zone along the side of Hereford's Aylestone Hill was for three unobtrusive buildings with turf roofs sited behind an earth bank to preserve the view from Aylestone Park.
Several amendments to the planning application were then approved. The result is four monstrous white/orange wood eyesores with solar panel roofs.
The partial earth bank does not hide the development. Trees have been removed elsewhere, providing walkers in the park with a view of both an orange-panelled fence and the eyesores themselves. The appearance of the ridge-line approaching Hereford is now too hideous to describe.
I am sure that the planning department fulfilled all of its minimum statutory requirements in the advising of these creeping changes but when will we learn that environment includes vision?
Where was the protection of the environment, openness, considered judgement or regard for anybody other than the developers?
Lugg View Close, Hereford



Could apply to Fire Station application.
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And there was me thinking these houses look great. I real modern impression on people entering the city. New housing developments all look the same and a very dull and even insulting with there attempts to blend in with the local architecture. These are a refreshing change and an example of good architecture.

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