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Save the British Potato

Denise Lloyd

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A plea on behalf of British potato producers.  When buying potatoes and anything containing potato please make sure you are buying British.  Some supermarkets (not all) are sourcing their potatoes from overseas.  Thousands of tons of British potatoes this year will not be used because supermarkets are buying cheaper pots from abroad same old story. British potato producers have invested millions to produce the potato the public want and are in danger of going out of business.  Yes I know they can be a bally nuisance on the roads at certain times of the year they are only doing their job and are under such tight time constraints they have to keep pressing on.  Yes I know they receive huge subsidies but agriculture is hugely important in this county and many parts of the country.  


Generally if you can buy British food if you don't use it you will lose it!

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I had no idea Denise. No idea at all. I always believed that the potato I was eating, in whatever form it was served up to enable me to shove it inside my fat face, was British.

From hereon, this is another thing that I'm adding to my list of things I ain't having or won't do. I'll be damned if I don't stick to my word, albeit my wife has paid my Council Tax without me knowing and made me look wan.kie.

This is the land of the potato. When Walter Raleigh produced this vegetable from beneath his ample codpiece to Elizabeth the First it became ours and I'll be damned if I eat some spud produced a stone throw away from a battle zone that is now East and Central Europe.

If I go into my local chippy and say, 'a portion of your finest battered Cod and a generous helping of your chips ', and the proprietor says to me, 'the chips are lovely today. We got them and they ain't British', I'm going to say, 'put the battered Cod back whence it came and keep your chips I do not want to continue with this transaction'. Whatsmore, I'll tell him, 'I'm a British potato man. Always have been and always will be and unless you start serving up spuds harvested from the fields of the Golden Valley you and I will no longer trade.

There! I've said it.

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Denise - you have convinced me - I will try and buy British spuds - perhaps the stores selling , in the main foreign spuds should be named and shamed .


As an aside , I saw a notice on an A board outside a Chippy in Commercial Rd " Mixed Meat and Chips " my mind then tried to work out what meat was being used.

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