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Rose Tinted Rags. Fundraising Event.


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The Gridknocker, who's currently in Spain finishing his second book, has tasked me with advertising the following event which will raise funds for our friends who are now settled in their new home at Union Walk, Hereford.

The event is titled Rose Tinted Rags Cotton Night Dance and will take place at The Richmond Place Club, 69, Edgar Street, Hereford, at 7.30pm, Saturday, 27th, September, 2014 and will feature Food, Ale, the pleasure of meeting me and live music from Hereford band, The Boy And The Flatpack Band. Admission is five pound on the door or tickets available for purchase at the premises of Rose Tinted Rags or Clever Betsy Arts and Crafts at 40, West Street, Leominster.

The Grid Knocker has paid for the function room, the live music, the food and the printing of the tickets and flyers which I've distributed around the City and all profits will go to the wonderful people at Rose Tinted Rags. reg charity no. 1096449.

That said, if you don't turn up and the whole thing falls flat on its face its me and the bloody Gridknocker who'll have to take the hit, so please, for a great cause, make an effort, buy a ticket or pay on the door and have a lovely night.

My very warmest regards to you all.

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Called into the Rose Tinted Rags by the County Bus Station this morning , as soon as I opened the door I could feel the warmth of the group of 10 ladies who were sitting at work benches sewing , they all appeared so happy ,it was so apparent to me that they really enjoyed doing what they were doing - and because they enjoyed their work they were benefitting from it.

The reason that I called in was to collect tickets for the forthcoming fund raising event next Saturday - initially the very nice lady in charge presumed that I was there to purchase bus tickets .

This was the first time that I had any involvement with this Charity - if you can call buying tickets involvement , as you can guess they impressed me . ( Mrs UBIQUE and I have another commitment on Saturday but I am so please that I took the time to visit Rose Tinted Rags and give my donation )

Well done to the Gridknocker and Bobby - hope that it's a super success .

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And lets hope it is a success because as things stand at the moment I've no bloody idea who's coming. I know of two tickets being purchased and they were sold to the Ubique family who, though unable to attend, still forked out a tenner to help us out.

As things are at the moment I can see me and the Gridknocker sat there wondering how and why it all went wrong. If we don't get bloody sixty through the doors, he and I take a hit and that means one thing, Im going to hate you all forever.

Bloody be there! The Richmond Club, this Saturday at 7.30. It's a fiver and its all for the benefit of Rosé Tinted Rags who's business is in people. People! People just like you and I who are trying to get a better life for themselves.

Im getting bloody angry just tapping out this rubbish. Im serious. Im pumped and Im charged. If I don't see and embrace sixty bloody people at this 'do' I am withdrawing my labour from these pages.

Please, throw me a bone of encouragement and tip up at this 'do'!

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Well, after a brief exchange with The Gridknocker, Dippy, Ubique, GDJ and Cambo who witnessed my predictable intoxication on the night of the 'do', I can report without much doubt that we didn't raise a single penny for those at RTR whos daily lives are tougher than they ought to be. In short, we lost money!

Yep! Despite my fears, my pleadings and threats to quit on me bloody stool, only sixty good souls turned up to support us which leaves me with the dilemma of who I should blame and dislike forever!

Well I've made my mind up, and to those who've chosen to stay at home and watch bloody X factor instead of helping us out I say don't ever pretend to me that you are a group of caring principled people who tap upon these pages because you hope to change the world. There's no such noble place for you inside my bloody head!

To those who communicated 'I'm sorry I cannot make it', you all escape my disappointment and you've no reason to be bruised by my comments. As for the future, and there ain't one, not for me on here, when you next see someone who's been dealt cards you wouldn't wish to play, don't tell me you gave generously and all is well with the world. It bloody ain't all well and I will never forgive your indifference to my friends who could be bothered to visit The Richmond Club, pay five quid and marvel at the people who ain't going to be getting any funding to help secure their future.

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Hi Bobby, the evening you and The GridKnocker organised was lovely.


The food provided by Mrs GridKnocker-  absolutely delicious, the music - fabulous.


The lovely folks who support/work at/use Rose Tinted Rags certainly enjoyed themselves. I was still struggling with a hangover at 4.00 yesterday afternoon.....so I obviously had a good night!.


Perhaps those who did not attend could still make a donation to RTR???


A huge "Well Done" to you and GK for putting this event on. If nothing else, it helps to raise the profile of this wonderful resource/facility, and the huge amount they do.

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