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Ipsos mori carrying out national highways & transport survey


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Has anyone else on the voice received a form from ipsos mori about a survey they are carrying out for several local councils across Britain including Herefordshire council?

They want to know how you want to see local transport & highways improved & what your priorities are?

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As we all know to well what highway problems we have living this side of the river because of the infrastructure of this city is why there is a distinct lack of investment in it if you think knocking down a cattle market and building a shopping center is a major benefit to this city then think again you need real jobs i can give 2 good examples Thorn left the city because of the infrastructure so did R.P.C.the company before that was  Rexam i worked for them both and they were multi national companies worldwide an opportunity wasted by councils over the years to secure jobs for the future is now gone lack of vision and poor planning has been the only thing that has been achieved in the last 25 years and when is the road to nowhere planned to start i see a new car park there maybe we see a reversal again of the one way system all i can say about the council is to many people educated beyond there intelligence i welcome a government poll to put the points over it may well be a waste of taxpayers money as Hereford has very little to offer why invest in a city which is being run the way it has been run vision is the future think of the children they are the future they want jobs and plenty of them build as many houses as you like build as many schools and colleges as you like but make sure the jobs are here for them when you listen to the dribble councillers have come out with over the years it is like the re-run of a sick old movie do not get me wrong we have had some good councillers but the vast majority have cannot see further than eign gate let alone know where it is.

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