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Herefordshire Council By Election - Ledbury 17th July 2014


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THERE will be a by-election in Ledbury, on Thursday, July 17, for a vacancy on Herefordshire Council.
The vacancy has arisen following the death last month of Coun Peter Watts, who was one of three ward councillors for Ledbury.
Nominations for the election close on Friday, June 20.
Herefordshire Council says it will announce further details next week, once nominations have closed.
Is the nomination date correct? Two days notice. Haven't seen this advertised in the press.
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Reading this article about a Spanish political party that has won 6 seats in the EU election last May. They have come about as a result of a protest vote, similar to the UKIP effect in the UK. Polls suggest the party is gaining ground, showing that it could win between 30 and 58 seats in the Spanish parliament and capture as much as 15% of the vote, almost double the percentage it received in the European elections.


Their leader, Pablo Iglesias, made this quote which appears to fit well with the situation in this country:


"If people don't do politics, others will do it for you. And when others do it for you, they can steal your rights, your democracy and your wallet."


It's  ironic that the Spanish party have taken the slogan "Podemos" meaning "We can". Have Herefordshire Council sold the slogan to the party, as here the council obviously can't.


So remember your vote counts when elections turn up.

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Anyone going to guess the result tonight?


The Tories will get back in, caused by the voting being split between five parties. They will get in with a count lower than the combined vote of the opposition, but then this is UK politics, no real representation.

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From the HT


IT'S Our County have triumphed in this evening's Ledbury by-election, claiming a seat previously occupied by the Conservatives.


Town councillor and former mayor Terry Widdows secured his place on the county council after winning the by-election which was prompted by the death of Cllr Peter Watts in May.


Cllr Widdows saw off Conservative rival Cllr Allen Conway, another former Ledbury mayor, and Paul Stanford from UKIP.


The turnout and margin of victory will be announced in the morning.

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Mrs Grid Knocer nudged me in the middle of the night.  I roused myself from my slumbers (a dream about the year Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France, since you ask) and thought to myself: "Hey up, this looks promising!".


Quoth she: "Did you hear that thunder just then?"


I rolled over, anxious to re-join Sir Wiggo.  "That wasn't thunder," I said, "that. my dear, was The Wrath of Johnson."


"The what?"


"Council Leader Tony Johnson has just been given the result of the Ledbury by-election and realises he now has to rule over a hung paliament adminstration for the next ten months.  That's what the noise was about."

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Green Party 384 votes

Conservatives 222 votes

Independent 198 votes

UK Independence Party 111 votes

Labour 99 votes


23.1% turnout





It's Our County 835 votes

Conservatives 618 votes

UK Independence Party 166 votes


22.7% turnout

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