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Hereford's Wildwood Restaurant At Risk Of Closure

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The firm behind the Wildwood chain - which has a restaurant in the Old Market Hereford revealed plans to shut a raft of sites as part of a major restructuring.


Tasty, which also runs locations under Dim T brand, said it plans to exit around 20 loss-making restaurants after a “challenging” start to the year.

Under the plans, the group would shut 18 branches, with two of these sites already closed to diners.

Tasty currently operates 43 Wildwoods and six Dim-T pan-Asian restaurants, as well as two non-trading sites and three sub-let venues.

The group's board has put forward a restructuring plan it said would help ensure its long-term survival.

Tasty's 43 Wildwood restaurants serve pizza, pasta, burgers, and steak and occupy a number of heritage buildings.

The hospitality group said on Tuesday its financial performance"continues to be inhibited by a tail of underperforming sites".

A spokesperson said:

“The use of a restructuring plan is considered the most effective means to reorganise the group to return it to profitability and secure its long-term future which should change the financial viability, profitability profile and long-term prospects of the group."

Tasty said it expects to operate around 30 restaurants by the end of the current year.

But, it hasn't yet confirmed the locations of the sites earmarked for closure or when they could shut.

Here is the full list of Wildwood sites at risk:

  • Dim T, Charlotte Street, London
  • Dim T, Hampstead, London
  • Dim T, Victoria, London
  • Dim T, Whiteley, Hampshire
  • Dim T, Winchester, Hampshire
  • Wildwood, Epping
  • Wildwood, Bicester
  • Wildwood, Braintree
  • Wildwood, Maidstone
  • Wildwood, Taunton
  • Wildwood, Market Harborough
  • Wildwood, Crawley
  • Wildwood Skipton
  • Wildwood, Lincoln
  • Wildwood, Billericay
  • Wildwood, Birmingham
  • Wildwood, Salisbury
  • Wildwood, Whiteley
  • Wildwood, Peterborough
  • Wildwood, Kingston
  • Wildwood, Canterbury
  • Wildwood, Gerrards Cross
  • Wildwood, Newmarket
  • Wildwood, Bournemouth
  • Wildwood, Chichester
  • Wildwood, Ely
  • Wildwood, Rushden Lakes
  • Wildwood, York
  • Wildwood, Llandudno
  • Wildwood, Plymouth / Royal William Yard
  • Wildwood, Hornchurch
  • Wildwood, Cambridge
  • Wildwood, Wantage
  • Wildwood, Chelmsford
  • Wildwood, Brentwood
  • Wildwood, Didcot
  • Wildwood, Hereford
  • Wildwood, Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Wildwood, Port Solent
  • Wildwood, Telford
  • Wildwood, Hinckley
  • Wildwood, Cheam
  • Wildwood, Nottingham
  • Wildwood, Seven Dials
  • Wildwood, Northwich
  • Wildwood, Liverpool
  • Wildwood, Covent Garden

The Wildwood restaurant opened in Hereford's Old Market Shopping Centre in May 2015, see our original article - https://hfd.news/HX9i6


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Way to popular to have been closed. 
List of closures 
Wildwood Bicester, Birmingham, Brentwood, Cambridge, Chichester, Edinburgh, Kettering, Kingston, Ludlow, Market Harborough, Plymouth Derry's Cross, Skipton, Worcester, and dim t Loughton.

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