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Change rules for live music


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Interesting letter from "Have Your Say" in the Hereford Times. Seems to follow along the lines of the hot food debate after hours as discussed here:

Change rules for live music

I NOTE with interest comments in Hereford Times, January 30, regarding under 18s attending live music venues.
The main complaints seem to be as follows:
* Many touring bands will not visit Hereford as many of their fan base are likely to be under 18, and, therefore, they risk playing to a half empty room.
* Bands who are under 18 are not allowed to perform at venues where alcohol is served.
I am extremely concerned and frustrated by the comments, suggesting that to get round this venues can apply for a temporary variation of their licence, and that alternative “dry venues†could be used for music events.
These views are very out of touch and are completely missing the point.
What Hereford needs is a thriving music scene, where bands that tour the country can come and play here, to rooms full of people both over and under 18.
A scene where people are encouraged not to concentrate on getting drunk, downing shots and fighting in the streets, but to develop an appreciation of live music, in a safe and friendly environment, where those of legal age are able to enjoy a few drinks socially while enjoying the performance of the band.
This is an opportunity to completely change the drinking culture in the city of Hereford, something that is clearly a problem.
Many young people feel that there is nothing to do other than to have pre-drinks at home, head in to the pubs about 9pm, and then onto a club, where they are constantly drinking and damaging their health.
If venues were given the opportunity to show youngsters that there is an alternative to this, and get them into the live music scene before they reach the age of being able to go out and get drunk, then this could go a long way to making a very positive change in the next generation of young Herefordians.
Also, allowing young bands the opportunity to play in licensed venues is an experience that can only encourage them to keep going and improve, rather than quitting out of frustration at not being able to perform to an audience anywhere other than their own school/college.
This would also open the eyes of other youngsters to the idea of forming a band themselves, and encourage them to do something constructive with their time.
All the time we’re hearing of funding being cut from various projects for youngsters, putting them in a position where there is less and less for them to do.
Well this is a great chance to actually do something for the good, giving them an opportunity to do something positive.
I suggest looking at Gloucester Guildhall as a fantastic example of a venue that allows everyone 14 and over to attend gigs, with alcohol available to those that are old enough to have it, and very little anti-social behaviour.
Hereford Live is a movement that is trying to encourage and promote live music in Hereford and the surrounding areas, but when a large quantity of people in the catchment area are not permitted to go along and support these events.
Hopefully some of the things that I’ve said will make the council stop and think about what this could mean for Hereford, and see the benefits that changing the rules regarding allowing youngsters attend and/ or perform at gigs in licensed premises could bring to the city.
TRISTAN EDWARDS Kernal Road, Hereford


Any younsters on here with any views? Once musicians get noticed and established they usually leave the area pretty quick ie Ellie Goulding, Mott the Hoople and The Pretenders.

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I know a number of bands in Hereford who are frequently discouraged from playing live for a multitude of reasons. In fact, most now end up travelling down to Bristol and Cardiff to do gigs and no longer bother with Hereford at all.


One of the problems is that because of the lack of entertainment in Hereford, the only thing to do is get drunk. So when a bad is able to play locally, the audiences can be small and underwhelming as the attitude of the people out there is stuck in the "lets just go out and get wasted" mentality. So even if bands would play here, the audience isn't interested. Someone somewhere recently made a comment about how there is a lack of "good" bands in Hereford - what they mean is pop-py bands, there are many excellent bands here but no one will give them the time of day unless they are playing wholesome one direction crap


I agree with Tristens comment about being nothing to do - there isn't. TGS is extremely overpriced and badly run (although I understand they are now under new management). And then you have.... um.... you can do..... or go..... uh... nothing. There is nothing here. I remember about 25 years ago when they said we were getting and ice rink and laser quest at, what is now, the Range. :P

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