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Following a shattered elbow at the end of March I have been confined to the house, not able to drive, ride my bike and do little else except help my partner. Even she is getting cheesed off with me. All this came about after discovering a carving knife in an outside drain, which the police weren't interested in and deciding to tell a neighbour to be careful who they talk to, tripped over some spare tyres in the dark and caused the injury. However things are slowing improving with my physio and daily readings of the Slog.

All things move slowly, but we all hope for a better time to come. Our problems are caused by a minority of individuals on our planet who wish to control and coerce us into their way of thinking. I thought it would be interesting to look at the figures behind our state of affairs.

Quoting from various sources in 2022 the number of countries run by tyrannical dictators were 57 - surprisingly none by women. Definition of a dictator - the ruler of a land rated “Not Free” as in the site below:


These people want to run affairs that suit them and their minions only and have total disregard for everyone else. This has resulted in mass migration of people who cannot exist in these countries and they have to flee to escape the ‘manual of repression’ shared by modern tyrants:


So the world is changing for the worst. With the exception of Mongolia there is no democracy from the EU borders to the Sea of Japan. Most of Africa is in the same boat (no pun intended).

Pushing people westwards, putting them up in hotels, military camps and now in floating bulwarks off our coast exasperates the future condition and opportunities for UK citizens who now have to integrate with these new boys on the block. At £6 million pounds a day to house the masses including criminals many tourists can't find a bed for the night and the money they could spend is ‎lost to the local economy.

As things progress we will probably end up being run by one global dictatorship possibly the United Nations. However who pulls the strings above this lot can only be assumed to be a Mafia. 

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Had problems uploading the images to highlight the first paragraph above. If I hadn't found the knife none of this would have happened. The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Gobowen, near Oswestry, Shropshire, England is a specialist orthopaedic hospital which provides elective orthopaedic surgery. Marvellous hospital with excellent staff - almost like an upmarket hotel - I enjoyed my two week stay there.

IMG_0173.thumb.JPEG.5883bffb453b58c5e71b26deb075b72a.JPEGIMG_0176.thumb.jpg.d6a2389bd670392cfb52ae5477942b36.jpgIMG_0177.jpgIMG_0205.thumb.jpg.cdfd1e043dd5c778fba00d277ee1b5ae.jpg     IMG_0202.thumb.jpg.5c509b707d9b6990219a6374b66711a1.jpgIMG_0228.thumb.jpg.d1ae9d25d9791b889a10d7fb44b6b8e8.jpg




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Really sorry and shocked to read about and see the extent of your injuries, purely as a result of being a good citizen and trying to do the right thing. That the police weren't interested is shocking, especially with all the recent publicity about the knife sculpture. Sadly, the country continues its seemingly unstoppable slow decline, with lawlessness at every level left unchecked. The tories are too busy filling the pockets of their mates to care, or even pretend to care, and labour, well, who knows. They can't be any worse, can they? The trouble is, with so much damage done over the last decade, it's going to take more than four years to start to turn things round. 

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