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Change Of Administration At Herefordshire Council

Hereford Voice

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After the unexpected Herefordshire election result, everything changed at the top.


Following yesterday's (May 4) elections, the Conservatives defied the national trend to become the largest party in Herefordshire, but they still lack a general majority in the county.

In the 53-seat council, the party gained 21 seats, up from 14, but fell short of the 27 needed for an absolute majority.

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Crikey, I've just spotted the name Harry Bramer in the list of those elected - former (and some might say controversial) 'Portfolio Holder for Contracts and Assets' from around 2015, responsible for, amongst other things, the great farm sell-off. No doubt he will be looking to make his mark in the new administration.

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On 06/05/2023 at 18:25, twowheelsgood said:

So who wants power enough to jump into bed with the conservatives to give them a majority? History says the Lib Dems - 6 out of the 12 elected would be enough. Will they stick together as one party or not or will some of the so-called 'independents' succumb?

Cannot think of one Conservative that would want any Ind coalition .. Me neither

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Not sure I want/trust any of them to be honest. Being a Cllr is a poisoned chalice though thesedays. With no money, adults and childrens services swallowing up what budget there is, combined with social media (especially YH) stirring up hate - its not a role I would want!

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