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New trees for Hereford’s Edgar Street

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Ten European lime trees will be planted in Hereford’s Edgar Street as part of a Highways Agency scheme.

The trees, which will be planted in the central reservation area on Thursday (21 November), are approximately six metres tall. Although the winter season is the best time for planting, the trees are in a dormant state, which is normal during this time of year.

The tree planting will mark the near completion of the Highways Agency’s scheme to improve the A49 Edgar Street at its junction with Newmarket Street.


The work has involved widening the A49 southbound approach to create a third lane in order to increase capacity for vehicles approaching the junction.

A pedestrian crossing to the north of the junction on the A49 southbound approach has also been relocated closer to the roundabout.


Kevin Harvey, Highways Agency Project Manager for the scheme, said:

“The additional lane will increase capacity and help reduce queues on the A49 southbound approach to the junction.

“Due to seasonal conditions, the trees that we’ll be planting are in a dormant state. However, they should begin to branch out and establish well in the spring.

“The scheme, including renewing the traffic lights, will be completed by next weekend, subject to weather conditions.”

The work is part of a national £317 million pinch point improvement programme, designed to boost local economies, reduce congestion and improve safety on the strategic road network in England. The programme is part of the UK Government’s growth initiative, outlined during the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement in November 2011.


The pinch point programme helps boost local economies and drive economic growth by providing smaller scale improvements to ease congestion and make journey times more reliable for road users, including hauliers and commuters.


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