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Paul Cardin Wirral Leaks! As does Hereford!


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For the many people on these pages that don't know what this post means and perhaps think, 'this means nothing to me. I won't bother reading it', please try and find the time to look carefully. It has a huge relevance to us in Hereford.

Essentially, it tells the story of a chap, Paul Cardin, who, alarmed at the way his Council were mismanaging funds and paying out large sums of money to departing suits who were leaving their employ under a cloud of mystery, decided to do something about it and shine a light onto what was going on, who was doing it and why they were able to get away with it.

Of course the Freedom of Information Act, a legal instrument handed down by Parliament is the tool to use if you want to discover honesty, truth and transparency.

You'd think that this would get you the truth straightaway wouldn't you. In most cases it does, but in this case, because Wirral Council were terrified of the truth they'd created, they began to fight to keep their secrets regarding the departure of one of their senior employees who is now one of our senior employees. Yes, after the departure from The Wirral, Hereford Council appointed him to join their gravey train.

Now, in response to the FOI from Mr Cardin to Wirral Council, they decided quite early on that they'd not be complying with the law. I mean, if you've something to hide, why would you help build your own scaffold. Instead, they ignored the lawful request, they branded Mr Cardin 'obsessive' and then attempted to brand him a vexatious litigant, legal speak, that gives the local authority the right to completely ignore him and his search for the truth.

In short, this chap, who now is riding upon our gravey train was given one hundred and forty grand of Wirral money and nobody was ever meant to find out why this was done beneath a cloak of secrecy.

Think about it!!!! Hereford Council have been doing this in the past, they'll certainly be mismanaging our funds now and if we sit back and say nothing, they'll continue to do it in the future.

Please try and find the time to read it. It's at times hard to follow but you'll quickly see how they view us and the lengths they will go to to secrete the truth from you and I.

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This whole subject has a dreadfully familiar ring about it.


This never ending re-cycling of incompetent managers, from one local authority to another simply has to end.

I mean what on earth do these people put on their cv's?


Worked for Gloucester - made a monumental cock up. Paid off to leave quietly.

Worked for Worcester - spent far too much money, that wasn't mine to spend, on useless articles.Paid off to leave quietly.

Worked for Hereford - made lots of bad decisions that impacted on many people. Didn't want to be held to account - took the "volountary" redundancy package.

Laughing all the way to the bank, via the post office to send off my next application......


This happens, and its wrong. Plain and simple.

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Sorry, perhaps should have made clearer that the above is entirely made up, and not based on the chap discussed in Flams link.(Wouldn't want anyone to think I was either odd or mendacious!)

That would read,


Doesn't bode well does it??

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Hilarious Biomech!

You're just showing off your technical wizardry, and making me feel even more foolish than I usually do!!

I have done the age old trick of turning everything off, then back on again and it now seems to be behaving! Not for long though I'm sure!

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Things are going to change Ubique, I can feel it. There are just too many of us now asking awkward questions,posting awkward comments,and quite a few who are happy to stand up and be counted.The situation as it currently stands is unsustainable...its nothing more than a house of cards. As far as I can tell,the winds of change that are blowing in are getting a whole lot stronger....possibly this wind will gain enough momentum to blow the house of cards down. It will be interesting to see what,or more specifically who, will remain standing.

Vive La Revolution Comrades...!!!

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I agree with DIPPY things are going to get very unsavoury for our Council. Paul Cardin is not someone who will take no for an answer and he won't take any crap from the Council as far as trying to delay or block his request. I have personal knowledge of a payments paid to directors and managers for huge sums of money and I will be scrutinizing the Councils response to Mr Cardin and I won't stay silent! Keep an eye on the response from the Council to Mr Cardin's request it might just open your eyes to how low this Council of ours has really sunk! I mean payments to Directors found guilty of bullying disabled employees is as low as you can get isn't it? 

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