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  1. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Contract for works at Widemarsh Children Centre BOOM! - Awarded to Integral utilising S C Joseph BOOM! - Up to £55,000 http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50058052/Contract award for work at the Widemarsh Children Centre.pdf Clearly other local building firms need to get the estimator from S C J on board
  2. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    So they give the job to Integral who tender it out and then the Council who appear to have no part in the tender process approve the winning bid! The Council pay Integral for a service who do nothing much except run a tender process and then take a cut from the total cost. Would be interesting to know out of the £99k plus £20K how much goes to Integral for doing very little. I see that with work in progress they have discovered a leak in the roof so have added a further £19K to the costs Shades of Blueschool House again When they prepared the original specification for repairs to the roof (at £99K plus £20K how come they missed that there was a leak in the roof. Seems like poor survey and costing work yet again and another lump of money presumably goes to Integral/S C Joseph. The inefficiency seems staggering to me.
  3. Aylestone Voice

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

  4. Aylestone Voice

    Businesses in trouble

    Actually do we know if Lakeland as a business is in trouble? Yes they are trying to renegotiate their rents etc but that perhaps does not put them in the same bracket as others. Perhaps Mark Ellis who I have as the last named owner of the building could explain the position from his point of view?
  5. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

  6. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Website

    There has been a message on there for a few days saying it would be down for maintenance for today
  7. Aylestone Voice

    A place of worship in Eign St

    There may be good reasons why planning permission should or should not be granted but does it matter what religion those attending practise? Not to me anyway
  8. I see the Council have awarded a contract for the repair of the Hereford Library/Museum roof - £99K plus £20K As usual the work is to be done through the Council's privatised service company Integral but the work will be carried out by S C Joseph. I am sure it is all above board but just how many Council building contracts do S C Joseph receive? Their bid was £10K below those of the other bidders. Perhaps they know something the others do not.
  9. Aylestone Voice

    Businesses in trouble

    So Ragwert (who apparently knows it all) does not know if there is a New Look in Hereford and Denise thinks it is in the OLM. Well you could both go along High Street and lo and behold there it is Yes in retailing times are tough but a major part of the problem is the debts the chains build up - it is not that Hereford alone has a problem And why do people seem to take some perverse delight in pointing out that shops restaurants are to close?
  10. Aylestone Voice

    Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    You will not need to book as it is outside by the North Porch
  11. Aylestone Voice

    I told you it would get worse!

    "Phil Edwards" Oooops Awaits Glenda's reply with interest!!!!!!
  12. Aylestone Voice

    Extra Money Needed To Complete Blueschool House

    In now way defending the actions of out of control officers what do you mean by this - the planning application approved in September 2016 showed a lift?
  13. Aylestone Voice

    Extra Money Needed To Complete Blueschool House

    Read and weep! http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50050794/Internal%20audit%20report%20re%20project%20management%20of%20the%20joint%20customer%20services%20hub%20Blueschool%20House%20ca.pdf http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50050795/Appendix%20A%20-%20Investigation%20Report.pdf
  14. Aylestone Voice

    The Church of Freedom and Rough Sleepers

  15. Aylestone Voice

    A University for Hereford

    Acres of space at Robert Owen School