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  1. Aylestone Voice

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    The thing is as I understand it is that the BBLP have what is called a managed agency contract (or similar wording) which allows them to make the decisions on where they do work
  2. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Would not people complain if they held meetings just for the sake of it? If there are no decisions to make why have a meeting?
  3. Aylestone Voice

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Hard Brexit - Yeah! All those businesses - BMW, Vauxhall, JLR, Ford, Nissan, JCB etc. moving to the continent to avoid disruption to their supply chain. Well in fact many of them have already started Who wants the jobs and taxes to provide for public services I am confident that we will do lots of business with many other countries in the world - Papua New Guinea is crying out for goods from us
  4. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Appointment of Contractor for the remodeling and refurbishment of mobile accommodation on the Aylestone site to enable the Relocation of Broadlands Bright Sparks Pre-school Any idea who has been awarded this Council contract for work to cost up to £100,000.00 Yes you have got it - the lucky winner is S C Joseph It is remarkable how they win so many - I am sure they do not have inside knowledge. Does anyone approving these contracts ask detailed questions of those officers making the recommendations?
  5. Aylestone Voice

    That bomb-site in High Town!

    Some of the scaffolding being removed today!
  6. Aylestone Voice

    Ann Summers Closing Down

    Where will Bobby 47 get his clothes from??
  7. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire Council Elections May 2019

    The time for the election is fast approaching. The vast majority of comments in relation to the Council are negative - the conservatives are ruining the County, made up of tired old white men who know nothing, fat cat salaries etc. etc. Well perhaps now is the time for anyone who feels that they can do better and have business acumen to run such an organisation to consider putting themselves forward as candidates. You don't have to be in a political party to do so. PS - Count me out - too old and could not put up with getting calls in the middle of the night about a blocked drain!
  8. Aylestone Voice

    Hereford City shopkeeper fined for selling illegal tobacco

    International Food is closed under anti social behaviour notice by West Mercia Police (may only be temporary)
  9. Aylestone Voice

    HMG - Flu jabs

    Free NHS Flu Jabs at Tesco Bewell Street - so I'm told (Easy at my surgery though!!)
  10. Aylestone Voice

    Herefordshire housing record

    Well whatever the solution from the Labour Party is (and they don't seem to want to add it to their post) they have some work to do if they intend to influence the Council's decision making as they have zero Councillors at present.
  11. Aylestone Voice

    Swarovski store closed down

    Sad to see a shop close. (Great joy for the OLM dissenters) As to a retailer being lined up = good. But I seem to remember that when the two restaurants closed the OLM said they had new tenants lined up - they remain empty
  12. Aylestone Voice

    Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC

    Friday 21 September 2018 100 years ago Allan was killed in action during WW1 and as a result of his bravery was awarded the Victoria Cross. He is the only Herefordshire born person to have been awarded a VC This Friday there will be two events to commemorate Allan. At 10.00am in the Lady Arbour Garden at Hereford Cathedral a plaque will be dedicated in his honour. At 11.00am at the Old Market shopping centre a statue of Allan will be unveiled. Please try and take some time out to attend these events.
  13. In the north magazine area apart from the Shell Store there remain some of the blast wall structures, a rail loading dock and a number of above ground air raid shelters. Of course elsewhere around Rotherwas there are many WW1/2 structures a number of which are occupied by current businesses
  14. As far as I know they are two picric acid stores. Both unlisted but very similar to the one to the west which is listed? They are both in better condition than the listed one. All three are on land as far as I know owned by the Goodwin family. This is a very old photo and almost all of the trees have been cleared. I am happy to provide a (unofficial) tour of the site
  15. Frankly it is shameful that all of the remaining Munitions Factory buildings have not been Listed. I cannot understand the decision making of Historic England on this. They List the Picric Acid store (well only one of them) and ignore the other equally significant buildings/structures. The whole site should be designated as an Ancient Monument, as has the former Munitions Factory site in Leeds, or all the remaining buildings Listed asap. We have or about to lose the old guardhouse (bungalow) and last remaining below ground air raid shelter on the Straight Mile, a couple of the north facing stores have recently gone and the Council are selling some of the former Nissan huts for redevelopment. The loss of the boiler house is just silly - all it needed was a new roof and it could accommodate a business. The work to the Shell Store may well in principle keep the building but once the structural engineers have got to it and it has been "refurbished" and subdivided internally then all we will be left with of a fantastic structure is memories. Having spouted this if it was my Building I am not sure what I would do with it! OK the factory complex may not be as "trendy" and the other historic attractions we have but once you delve into the history of the site you can only be impressed at the major role it and the thousands of workers (many of whom died or were injured) played in the defence of this country. Of course the Council and the EZ Board would just be happy if these old buildings were gone and more of their tin sheds could be built