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  1. Ubique

    Burger king coming to Hereford

    They are having a laugh , Bartestree with a population at the 2011 census of 330 .,
  2. Ubique

    Butter Market gets Alcohol Licence

    Well done to Mr Semper ( ex Police Insp Licensing Officer ) for helping the Butter Market through very complex legislation .
  3. Ubique

    Surviving Winter campaign

    Two days ago Mrs Ubique and I received £10 each Christmas Payment via the Work and Pensions, paid into our Bank Account . This payment from the Govt should , in our mind be cancelled and the Savings should be put to better use ..........Approaved Homeless Charities etc. etc. ( We are giving our £20 to a Military Charity )
  4. Ubique

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Rightly or wrongly I am now a BOB . ( Bored of Brexit )
  5. Ubique

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    Having read all the comments I certainly disagree with your comment especially as apparently they have been offered help,and assistance . The homeless person(s) must be willing to change their lifestyle . At 1115 today the occupants of the tent were in Wetherspoons taking advantage , I thought , of their offer of refill cups of coffee for £1.25 but I was wrong , it was pints of beer or cider . They know , fully that help is there for them , they just have to accept it .
  6. Ubique

    Three Elms Rd and Welsh Water

    From HCC today. Update from @HfdsStreets Welsh Water works on Three Elms Road, Hereford| Welsh Water has informed Herefordshire Council that there is a water leak on their newly installed mains pipe situated under Three Elms Road in Hereford. The company is writing to local residents and businesses to inform them of the leak and planned work to repair it. This work will commence on Saturday November 24 and be complete by Friday November 30 at the latest. Temporary two-way traffic lights will be in operation between 8am and 4pm each day. Clive Hall, Acting Assistant Director for Highways and Transport at Herefordshire Council said: “Local residents and businesses were delighted when Welsh Water works on Three Elms Road were completed and we had delivered a new road surface. We are extremely disappointed to learn of Welsh Water’s need to return to the site. If Herefordshire Council had known that work had not been completed to the required standard when Welsh Water withdrew from the site we would have delayed resurfacing work. “We are insisting that work is completed by Friday November 30 at the latest. Further, Welsh Water will have to completely resurface the entire width of road where new work takes place and for some distance either side, not just patch where they dig. We will inspect the resurfacing after they are done to ensure that the quality of the road is of the same high standard recently delivered by Balfour Beatty Living Places. “It is hugely regrettable that local businesses and residents are going to be disrupted again so soon.” Welsh Water are informing residents that the leak is situated near the junction of Bakers Lane and Three Elms Road, by The Range store.
  7. Ubique

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    I do not believe that the majority of Rough Sleepers enjoy their life style but , I am sure that in the main there is help and assistance for them . People critise Govt etc when an apparent Rough Sleeper turns out to be a Veteran , no Veteran , unless it's their own choice needs , in my mind and with my knowledge have to sleep in doorways , tents etc. I fully accept that the homeless Veteran needs to seek help and assistance , he has to ask for it or somebody else needs to seek the help from the Military Charities for him-her, SSAFA local 24/7 line is 01432 273932 , TRBL 0808 802 8080 . The local Police Custody Centre , Council Customer Services etc. are aware that if they deal with a Veteran who needs help,they will ring one of the telephone numbers to start the ball rolling.
  8. Ubique

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    Apologies for the slip up in the name . Re the rough sleepers , hopefully St Peters Church will be opening their annual rough sleepers accommodation covering the coldest time of the year. it's a real pity that this or similar is not available throughout the year for homeless people .
  9. I walked through Venn Gdns / Park between Canel Rd and Commercial Rd a couple of weeks ago and saw that somebody had set up camp in the corner - quite surprised to see that the camp complete with two occupants is still there .,I fully accept that this is the life some people follow for whatever reason but should they be allowed to remain there ?
  10. Ubique

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    From BBC. It appears that the alliance didn't work because it was inbalanced and inefficient the WM Chief Constable reported to his Police and Crime Panel .plus the fact that WM decision to open a joint Control Room was being flustered by Warks who opened a new Control Room at Warwick. it appeared that both Forces were getting a 50 -50'say on decisions but WMP were paying for 69% of the Services across the two force areas. ( Population of WMP area is 1.2 million and Warwickshire is 554,000. )
  11. Ubique

    Ann Summers Closing Down

    Guess that we will have to use the Internet !
  12. £29000 fine and costs , it would be interesting to know the breakdown of the fine and costs , as I recall, it cost quite a bit to get the HGV and its load removed and sorted out . So,I hope that the Costs covered everything . having saud that wondering if nothing will be paid or will the Offending Company go into liquidation etc.
  13. Ubique

    Plans submitted for Uni & HCA accommodation

    That building is a real blot on the landscape - nothing more I can say .
  14. Ubique

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    Sadly Bobby what you have written is the truth , nothing but the truth . Excellent thoughts.