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  1. Ubique

    Police Advise People Not To Give Money To Rough Sleepers

    From HCC .......for info Volunteers at St Peter’s shelter are providing a safe place to stay for rough sleepers this winter Hot drinks and a warm bed for the night is on offer to the county’s homeless at St Peter’s church hall this winter. Rough sleepers are greeted with a warm welcome from the team of wardens and volunteers. Located in St Peter’s Square, Hereford, the accommodation offers beds for up to 16 men and 3 women, and provides a safe alternative to rough sleeping during the coldest months. Temporary residents are also offered access to clean dry clothing, showers and washing machines. The shelter is open from 9pm to 8am each day until the 17 March 2019. Beds are available on a first come first served basis and no referrals are necessary. Councillor Paul Rone, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “Thank you to the volunteers at St Peter’s shelter who offer safe overnight accommodation to people living on the streets at this time of year. “These volunteers are an admirable example of the hundreds of people across the county who give their spare time to help others and provide support to vulnerable members of the community.” Published: Wednesday, 30th January 2019
  2. Ubique

    Not another one

    Agree with Roger re the Internet , last Thursday I ordered a heater for use in one of our outbuildings used by Hollycroft Hedgehog Rescue , it was ordered Standard Delivery and delivered the next day ( Friday ) by Royal Mail .
  3. Ubique


    I have to have a blood test every 3 months , went to Kings St Surgery on 21st Nov, first available date which I accepted was 18th December . On the 18th Dec blood taken , I had a query about the tabs I am taking , it was arranged for Dr to phone me on the first available date........4th Jan between 11.30 and 1135 ...............I googled my query , found the answer and cancelled the Dr telephone call . Slightly off Post just wondering if "They " will,apologies for the amalgamation of the City Surgerys before the new building was built - what has it achieved for the Staff and Patients ?
  4. For information ... The Defence Medical Welfare Service's welfare officers in Herefordshire are working closely with health professionals to provide tailored physical and mental health support to the aged veteran community in times of need, helping to reduce lengthy hospital stays and ease pressure on NHS staff. For more information and support, visit www.dmws.org.uk or contact local Welfare Officers Bethany Parham and Ashley Winter on 07785614832 or 07377722648, email awinter@dmws.org.uk or bparham@dmws.org.uk Going on from that .........one reads / hears that there is no help and assistance for Armed Forces Veterans Well to my mind there is . The Veteran or a member of his family / friend only have to contact one of the many Armed Forces / Veterans Charities for help , assistance ,guidance etc , that will start the ball rolling and if entitled all that's asked for will be given .......only condition is that it's NEEDS not WANTS ! I am happy for anybody seeking guidance to pm me .....
  5. Ubique

    What the .....

    With difficulty !
  6. Ubique

    Happy New Year 2019

    Have a happy and healthy 2019 ..........we appeared doomed but keep smiling ,if you can ! Well, what else can we do ?
  7. From Herefordshire CC Press Release Six individuals were convicted of being involved in selling illegal tobacco from three Hereford shops: International Food on Commercial Road, Maxii Mini Market on Commercial Road and Zabka on Eign Gate. The cases were taken to Hereford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday 11 December 2018 by Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards service. International Food owner Tarik Dosky, 52, of Waggoners Way, Hereford, pleaded guilty to being involved in the sale of illegal tobacco. Mr Dosky will be sentenced at Worcester Crown Court on 8 January 2019. International Food employees Mevan Mousa, 37, and Nechiravan Musa, 32, both of Commercial Road, Hereford, were fined a total of £680 and £480 respectively after pleading guilty to being involved in the sale of illegal tobacco. Maxii Mini Market employees Marwan Ahmed, 38, and Rebwar Amini, 26, both of Commercial Road, Hereford, pleaded guilty to being involved in the sale of illegal tobacco, and were fined totals of £2750 and £2650 respectively. Zabka alleged-owner Mustafa Mohammed, 40, of Dollery Drive, Birmingham pleaded guilty to being involved in the sale of illegal tobacco. Sentencing was adjourned to 19 December. Successful raids took place in September and October by Trading Standards and West Mercia Police, with assistance from Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy (MATES) operation. Ingenious, remotely controlled hydraulic concealments, full of illegal tobacco, were discovered in the walls and floors of the targeted shops. If anyone has any information regarding the sale of illegal tobacco within Herefordshire, please contact trading standards on 01432 261761. There is further information about Herefordshire Trading Standards on the Herefordshire Council website at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/trading-standards
  8. Ubique

    Burger king coming to Hereford

    They are having a laugh , Bartestree with a population at the 2011 census of 330 .,
  9. Ubique

    Butter Market gets Alcohol Licence

    Well done to Mr Semper ( ex Police Insp Licensing Officer ) for helping the Butter Market through very complex legislation .
  10. Ubique

    Surviving Winter campaign

    Two days ago Mrs Ubique and I received £10 each Christmas Payment via the Work and Pensions, paid into our Bank Account . This payment from the Govt should , in our mind be cancelled and the Savings should be put to better use ..........Approaved Homeless Charities etc. etc. ( We are giving our £20 to a Military Charity )
  11. Ubique

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Rightly or wrongly I am now a BOB . ( Bored of Brexit )
  12. Ubique

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    Having read all the comments I certainly disagree with your comment especially as apparently they have been offered help,and assistance . The homeless person(s) must be willing to change their lifestyle . At 1115 today the occupants of the tent were in Wetherspoons taking advantage , I thought , of their offer of refill cups of coffee for £1.25 but I was wrong , it was pints of beer or cider . They know , fully that help is there for them , they just have to accept it .
  13. Ubique

    Three Elms Rd and Welsh Water

    From HCC today. Update from @HfdsStreets Welsh Water works on Three Elms Road, Hereford| Welsh Water has informed Herefordshire Council that there is a water leak on their newly installed mains pipe situated under Three Elms Road in Hereford. The company is writing to local residents and businesses to inform them of the leak and planned work to repair it. This work will commence on Saturday November 24 and be complete by Friday November 30 at the latest. Temporary two-way traffic lights will be in operation between 8am and 4pm each day. Clive Hall, Acting Assistant Director for Highways and Transport at Herefordshire Council said: “Local residents and businesses were delighted when Welsh Water works on Three Elms Road were completed and we had delivered a new road surface. We are extremely disappointed to learn of Welsh Water’s need to return to the site. If Herefordshire Council had known that work had not been completed to the required standard when Welsh Water withdrew from the site we would have delayed resurfacing work. “We are insisting that work is completed by Friday November 30 at the latest. Further, Welsh Water will have to completely resurface the entire width of road where new work takes place and for some distance either side, not just patch where they dig. We will inspect the resurfacing after they are done to ensure that the quality of the road is of the same high standard recently delivered by Balfour Beatty Living Places. “It is hugely regrettable that local businesses and residents are going to be disrupted again so soon.” Welsh Water are informing residents that the leak is situated near the junction of Bakers Lane and Three Elms Road, by The Range store.
  14. Ubique

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    I do not believe that the majority of Rough Sleepers enjoy their life style but , I am sure that in the main there is help and assistance for them . People critise Govt etc when an apparent Rough Sleeper turns out to be a Veteran , no Veteran , unless it's their own choice needs , in my mind and with my knowledge have to sleep in doorways , tents etc. I fully accept that the homeless Veteran needs to seek help and assistance , he has to ask for it or somebody else needs to seek the help from the Military Charities for him-her, SSAFA local 24/7 line is 01432 273932 , TRBL 0808 802 8080 . The local Police Custody Centre , Council Customer Services etc. are aware that if they deal with a Veteran who needs help,they will ring one of the telephone numbers to start the ball rolling.