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  1. I know Nuffin but wondering if the college are trying to make money ( for the Blind College ) during the summer holidays and holding Courses etc there ?
  2. Ubique

    Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Daily Mail 11th August 2018 page36 ............ Headlines ....Reckless cyclists face tougher jail Sentances . Para 2 Ministers plan tommake Causing death by dangerous or careless cycling a crime for the first time. This would put cyclists under the same legal sanctions as motorists.
  3. Ubique

    Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Come on Lads , to me it looks as if you are both trying to score unnecessary points against each other . Of course I might be seeing your comments incorrectly but I don't think so .
  4. Ubique

    Cyclists on Footpaths!

    Another collosion by a cycle rider on the pavement . Only last Tuesday I was walking along the pavement by Yates , walking towards the hospital when for the second time in a short period of time a cyclist actually brushed against my shoulder as he rode in the same direction . Hope that the lady makes a full recovery and the Agencey that can take action against cyclists breaking the law do take the appropriate action ( I am aware that cyclists can ride through High Town between certain hours )
  5. Ubique

    Lost Opportunity

    Sadly Gridknocker it brings to the for ......" Failing to plan is planning to fail " or as I heard many times when I was on strike during the Miners Strike a few years ago from the men and women in blue " Who cares who pays - I ain't "
  6. Ubique

    Rubbish and Overflowing Bins in Hereford

    This sign is being used in Whitstable , Kent .
  7. Ubique

    Supporting our Veterans Monday 2 July 2018

    From the Organiser , Lynne Gladwin ( Copied from the Hereford Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Club FB site ) A really big thank you to Rob Dennison and Around the Country in 80 coffees. The BBQ was lovely. The weather was fantastic. Kids had fun. The Breakfast Club was able to Donate £100. To Ron's causes and £100 to The sea Cadets. They both say a massive Thank you to us. So from Rob and Team and the Sea Cadets THANK YOU
  8. Ubique

    Violette SZABO GC

    Ladies and Gentlemen, ( Copied from SSAFA Herefordshire circulation to its members) The annual event in memory of Violette Szabo GC will be held in Womelow this coming Sunday, 24 June. Many of you will be aware of the bravery in World War 2 of this remarkable young lady. She volunteered to join the SOE to work behind enemy lines, was parachuted into France in 1944 but was captured later that year. She was exceuted in Ravensbrusk concentration camp in February 1945, aged just 23. She was awareded a posthumous GC for her bravery. She had family connections to Wormelow, and a small museum has been set up there in her memory. Every year near her birthday there is an event in the village, attended by civic dignitaries and members of the public, to commemorate her life and work. This year the event will meet at The Park, Wormelow (opposite the garage next to the Tump Inn) at 13.30. Their will be a small parade of RBL banners etc which will move off to the Musem nearby at 13.40. All are welcome to attend this event, which clearly has strong military and local connections.
  9. Ubique

    Friendly and Welcoming

    Gridknocker , I agree .
  10. Ubique

    Friendly and Welcoming

    I certainly agree that Medical building should be attractive and welcoming , my concern is that is there an increased financial cost involved ? Whilst , I accept that it would be very hard to compare costing of the design of the proposed building and the one that GK has posted can anybody give a ball park figure of , I presume the apparent increase in £ of GK suggestion ?
  11. Ubique

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    Gridknocker , when I read the No objections comments I came to the same conclusion as you BUT your written thoughts are bang on . Thought that Mr MILLN ( think that's his name ) Objections were again very well thought out and should give the Decisions makers something to consider ( no I'm not joking ) .
  12. Ubique

    Church bells

    Last Saturday it was the Cathedral bells ringing .
  13. Will be interesting to know why it's been " abandoned " plus the financial cost to arrive at this position .
  14. Ubique

    Church bells

    I was told in confidence that Quasimodo was visiting the area .
  15. Ubique

    So What Did You Think Of The Royal Wedding?

    You summed it up about right Gridkocker , thought the the fire and brimstone " Sermon " was quite brillent , he didn't appear to have anything written down but I guess he got the. " message " through . The Church person sitting next to him appeared quite bored .