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  1. Businesses in trouble

    I have just been reading that the low cost accessory chain Claire' s Accessories could close after they are facing a £1.4 billion debt bill with a £43 million interest payment due next week . Rumours that the Company will file for bankruptcy in the US but hope to avoid it by securing a deal to help ease the debt bill. Of course time will tell if they are successful . They have a shop in the Maylord ,
  2. Appears a very good location for a hotel .
  3. Businesses in trouble

    Yes you are correct Denise , Animal in Bewell St has large signs in window , closing down etc. Sad but there's a reason for most happenings in life .
  4. Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    The " builders " have started to set up the Poppies Weeping Window at the Cathedral today . It is being set up so that if you walk up Church Walk towards the Cathedral you will have a very good view of the poppies streaming down from the roof of the Cathedral. I really hope that it's a success because I am aware of all the work / preparation that has been going on over the last few months - it give the City chance to stand proud and say "That was a job well done " .
  5. Businesses in trouble

    Don't want to be the messanger of doom and gloom but the upmarket Jewellers / Watches shop SWAROSKI have just closed their Exeter shop , wonder how safe the Hereford shop is?
  6. Re grass verge parking , it is an eyesore , going on from that a good number of householders are clearing their front garden to make it a parking place for their cars , I can fully understand why , however some Council insist that if they do that and the cars are driving over a raised kerb the householder must pay to have the kerb dropped to a drive on kerb. Further to that if a car blocks a dropped kerb I believe that the Police can take action , however if a car parks alongside a raise kerb preventing the householder drive onto or exit their garden/ parking area it's annoying for the householder but no traffic obstruction / offence . The above is an observation and as usual will stand corrected if I am talking rubbish .
  7. Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    Wondering if over the next few weeks it will get worse ...............our two week collection of household rubbish was due for collection last Friday - we fully understand why it wasn't collected ( snow) but we have been told that our next household rubbish collection will be our normal collection in two weeks time .....at that time we are allowed to have the wheelie bin full plus 4 black bags of rubbish . Keeping the bags which will not fit into the wheelie bin will not be a problem for us but residents of flats etc may have a problem storing it for another two weeks and therefore dump it away from their residence. When collections are missed due to Bank Holidays etc another collection is rotated in very soon after the holiday with ,I presume , the Refuse Collectors being paid overtime , that may well be cheaper than collecting the fly tipped dumped bags of household rubbish.
  8. Weeping Window , Hereford Cathedral 2018

    As well as the Poppies Weeping Window ( As Aylestone Voice said it will be open to all , no appointment necessary ) there will be other Events being held in the area , Black and White House, All Saints Church , Museum and I think the Town Hall . There will be a number of volunteer Meeters and Greeters scattered around the City Centre to help and guide visitors around the area plus other volunteers doing allocated roles - in the area of the Poppies , catering , coach park attendant etc etc. As a Volunteer I am really looking forward to the 6 weeks , certainly a lot of hard work is going on behind the scene to ensure that residents and visitors go away with a very good feeling .
  9. Extra Govt Funding for County

    HCC Press release Herefordshire Council welcomes the announcement in the latest Local Government Finance Settlement, which will see additional funding for the county. The funding includes just over £1m in recognition of the extra costs associated with delivering services in a sparsely populated rural county. There’s also an additional £550,000 to support adult social care services, which continue to face serious pressures due to the rapid growth in the number of older people within Herefordshire and those living with a lifelong disability. The gap between demand for adult social care services and the resources available to provide them, is nationally estimated to be around £2.3bn. Councillor Nigel Shaw, Cabinet member for finance, housing and ICT, said: “We’re pleased the government has recognised the challenges we face when delivering services in a rural county, by awarding us additional funding. “Unfortunately, this additional funding is a one off payment for 2018/19, so can’t be relied upon going forward. We continue to face cuts to our ongoing funding from the government; it's reducing by £203,000 in the same year. As adult social care costs are significantly increasing, it’s imperative that we carefully consider how best to use this extra funding, to ensure maximum benefit for local residents. We will continue to ensure that residents are enabled to live safe, healthy and independent lives across Herefordshire.†Just wondering if this additional funding will mean that the council,Tax for t2018/2019 will be reduced - I doubt it very much .
  10. Litter - A clean sweep

    Cllr Durkin states that the Council spend £1 million ( I presume a year ) picking up litter and emptying bins . That appears to be an awful lot of money , not in my opinion well spent because wherever one goes in the High Town area there is loads of litter lying around going on from that I suggest that if there weren't any litter bins the problem would be worse . I accept fully that there is a litter problem in the City , part of the problem might be bad management of the litter puckers and the bin emptiers. My Parish , Burghill have organised litter collections annually for over 5 years involving the Parishioners , works very well to my mind.
  11. SAS individual linked to this Council statement

    From the BBC HW site A homeless SAS veteran has found a permanent home after 400,000 people signed a petition. Bob Curry, 64, is understood to have been part of the team that rescued hostages in the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London. He has now accepted a bungalow in Hereford from a local housing association.

    FromHT AS plans to remove the hutted wards at Hereford County Hospital progress, the council has offered office space to the NHS trust. Wye Valley NHS Trust will move health records currently stored in the hutted wards corridor to Herefordshire Council's former record store in Harold Street. Office accommodation for finance, HR and estates will be moved to Franklin Barnes to accommodate the decant of the hutted offices. Both properties are presently vacant. The trust will pay rent for the accommodation and have been told Harold Street is available for five years and Franklin Barnes for at least two years.
  13. Man charged with murder

    I guess that he is the same person who appeared in the Mag Ct yesterday when the CPS applied for an extension in Custody ?
  14. From Herefordshire CC Press release Cllr Tony Johnson has today announced his resignation as Leader of Herefordshire Council, which will take effect at the next full Council meeting on 9 March 2018. Councillor Johnson has been a councillor with Herefordshire Council for more than seven years and has been Leader of the council for five years. He is stepping down to spend more time with his family and on his hobbies, and will remain a ward councillor for Hope End. Councillor Johnson said: In line with the council constitution, the new Leader will be elected at the meeting of full Council on 9 March.
  15. Attempted armed robbery

    Wondering why the HT haven't picked up this very newsworthy story , I believe that they have more than one reporter .?