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  1. Ubique

    River Wye is High in Hereford

    It's way over its bank at Builth Wells so it won't be long before it arrives in the City .
  2. Ubique

    Bypass statistics ignored by Council

    Thanks Ragwert for update ......2030, well that not going to interest me . I thought that all the Welsh Water workings, putting in new pipes in Three Elms Road was in preparation for the commencement of building ( after PA approved )
  3. Ubique

    Bypass statistics ignored by Council

    Two years ago the Church Commission put in a PA for 1300 houses on land between Three Elms Road and Kings Acre Road , that's a start Ragwert , not sure if a Byepass will help many of the occupants of these homes , I know nothing about Traffuc Management but I would have thought that most of the cars on this big estate will head toward the City .
  4. Ubique

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    From BBC Website....... Three senior members of WM Police Federation branch are under criminal investigation over "practices and conduct", the organisation has said. West Mercia Police Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans said a complaint had been made about the conduct of West Mercia Police Federation members. One guess as to which Force is doing the Investigation ............Yes Warwickshire !
  5. Ubique

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    Interesting reading Megiilleland - that will come back to bite some people on their rear end. i have a feeling that we will get a paragraph or two from our friend Bobby47 soon !
  6. Having problems pasting on HV. Have contacted Colin several times, understand he is not well. Can you read this and paste it in the topic WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance.

    Reminder of why they amalgamated:

    20th June 2012 - Hereford Times

    1,000 jobs set to go in £30m police cuts

    PLANS to shed £30 million from policing costs across the region under a “strategic alliance” between forces in West Mercia and Warwickshire are about to be finalised.

    West Mercia Police agreed to enter into a formal partnership yesterday, a move which is expected to lead to up to 1,000 job cuts in total.

    About £22.8 million of the savings will come from losing workers, with the cull set to take place between now and 2015/16.

    And £4 million is due to be saved from sharing IT, reviewing building costs and vehicles.

    West Mercia Police will take the brunt of the cuts, with the force aiming to save £20 million of the total figure.

    Warwickshire’s police authority is meeting today to finalise their side of the alliance, and will be responsible for the remaining £10 million.

    The exact number of the job losses have yet to be confirmed, but HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) revealed last year more than 1,000 posts were likely to go.

    Simon Payne, of the Police Federation, has hit out at the move, saying: “The key thing for our members is, are we being treated fairly? I think not.

    “The public will rightly be asking who is to blame for this.”

    Councillor Mary Drinkwater, who sits on the police authority, which approved it, said: “I think people want to see police kept on the streets and communities protected. Hopefully, it will work. Over last year police and officers have worked incredibly hard to put this together, it’s been a lot of effort.”

    The majority of the job losses will affect staff in “management and leadership” roles, rather than frontline police officers.

    Both forces will keep their chief constables and deputies, but expect to lose a significant number of other senior positions.

    All police stations have been placed under review, any new vehicles being bought will be funded jointly, and a single firearms unit will be created.

    Both police authorities will be defunct by November, when a new police and crime commissioner will be elected.

    Robin Walker, Worcester’s MP, said: “These are tough economic times and when there is not as much money to go round, prioritising spending on police officers while sharing assets and making back office savings is a better approach.”

    Looks like we drew the short straw paying for this and still expected to pay again for the "divorce". Marvellous savings for the ratepayers!

  7. Ubique

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    Quite surprised , or am I ..........no mention of this in our local paper yet .
  8. From the HEREFORDSHIRE CC press release ...... A three month emergency closure notice has been granted against Zabka (Eign Gate Hereford) today (Wednesday 10 October) due to the persistent sale and distribution of illegal tobacco at the store. KHereford Magistrates’ Court granted the emergency closure, following a 48 hour closure notice issued to Zabka on Monday 8 October under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. This is the first time in Herefordshire that an emergency closure notice has been used on premises that persistently sell illegal tobacco, despite previous court action and convictions. Only a handful of police forces and local authorities have used this new power, which was considered appropriate and proportionate because of the persistent disregard to the regulatory action previously taken. Breaching a closure order is a criminal offence, and anyone that attempts to access the address could be arrested. The emergency closure notice follows a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy (MATES) operation on Zabka and International Foods (Commercial Road Hereford) last Wednesday 3 October. Officers from Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards and Environmental Health service, West Mercia Police and Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service seized 481 packets of illegal cigarettes and 15 pouches of illegal hand rolling tobacco from Zabka. 12,500 cigarettes and 9kg of hand rolling tobacco were seized from International Foods, and a significant amount of out of date food was also removed from the shelves of the store. A further application to issue a 3 month closure notice against International Foods was postponed in court today due to time and will be heard at Hereford Magistrates’ Court on Monday 15 October As Shaw Taylor used to say " Keep them peeled " there will probably be a back door entrance .........!
  9. Ubique

    HMG - Flu jabs

    Yes they are free for " at risk " groups. ......we fit into one of the 11 groups ........over 65 yrs. Called there today and had the jab within 10 minutes. Super Service . So I thought that I had better cancel our appointments at the Wye Valley Surgery ( ASDA ) it will save us a walk from The old Market to Asda and return ...............I phoned the HMG , took 8 minutes to,answer by a human . Appointment cancelled , was waiting for the Caller a Handler to ask me if I wanted to make another appointment, the question was never asked - that's poor Service. One of the reasons that a number of people do not turn up for appointments is that one gets fed up with waiting for the Call Centre to answer. Bobby is so right when he says that the building should have been built first ,then pull all the Pracitces together - to late now , looking forward to see the annual cost of this big mistake .
  10. Ubique

    HMG - Flu jabs

    Thanks Bobby for the update.............the term " Lions lead by donkeys " comes to mind !
  11. Reading the BBC News this evening to learn that the Alliance between West Mercia Police and Warwuckshire Police is coming to an end . West Mercia Police have" decided to withdraw from the current strategic alliance " it has with Warwuckshire Police . It appears that Warwickshire Police disagree with the breakup stating that it has saved more than £35 million and that they were hugely disappointed. The Forces merged firearms , dog handlers ,IT and Control in 2013 . Just wondering how much it's going to cost WMP to " un merge " the Units . The break away is due to be completed by 8th October 2019
  12. Ubique

    HMG - Flu jabs

    Might be posting something of no interest to others but .............. My Surgery is Kings St / Bobbkestock Surgerys., about 10 days ago I called at Kings St Surgery to book a Flu Jab for Mrs U and me ........advised that they hadn't decided how it was going to be carried out ..........that should have warned me that " Failing to plan is planning to fail " . Today I called into Kings St and asked when I can book an appointment . The Receptionist was at all times very professional and nice , started off by saying that she could fit us in at Bobblestock Surgery , that's fine , we can get there by bus but we will have a two hour wait for our bus home - that two hours will be spent in the Three Elms Pub trying to keep within Govt guidelines , so thank you but no . Kings St Surgery are no doing any flu jabs so what about Greyfriars Surgery at 16.45 , sorry no transport home so it's a 5 mile walk . Right Ho ! What about South Wye Medicial Centre at Asda , can you walk that far ! Yes we will take the appointments , OK we have to walk from and to the bus stop at the Old Market but it's a date . In a few weeks time the medicial profession will be moaning that there a a high number of over 65 who haven't had their flu jab - thereby increasing the Dr and hospital work load - Food for thought ...........perhaps we should have enquired at the Supermarkets !
  13. Ubique

    Apologies for my recent absence

    Colin , I wish you well, I understand that gall stones can be very very painful . What I will add is that two weeks ago I had a cataract op ( on a Saturday ) I was really impressed with the Consulant and the Nursing Staff , came away after three hours overflowing with praise . In fact I emailed the Patient Experience Team with my comments the next day . I thought I might get an acknowledgement stating thank you and that the email has been passed to the Team but nothing heard . That's disappointing. Medicial,Staff superb, Admin staff failing . ( The last time I was an inpatient at Hereford Hospital was 1967 and that went ok )
  14. On Wednesday 19th September 2018 I sent an email to my County Cllr relating to a white line defect in the Parish. To date I hadn't received an acknowledgement ( some say that I should have reported this defect via the Herefordshire CC website - I tried but it was a bit too confusing for me ) As I hadn't receive an acknowledgement for the Cllr I sent a copy to our Parish Council - received a reply from the PC Clerk stating that the County Cllr has been on holiday prior to the 19th September and will be back from holiday next Monday 8th October .The PC Clerk added that the County Cllr , like the PC Clerk does not ack emails whilst on holiday . I FULLY UNDERSTAND THAT - nobody on holiday should be expected to react to business emails on holiday BUT I would have expected some sort of ack. to my email . I accept fully that for security reasons the Cllr doesn't want the world to know that the home is void , but I would have thought that the council can work out a system whereby the sender of the email receives some sort of reply which doesn't suggest that the Cllrs home is void . Perhaps the email could be diverted to a member of Council Staff to reply or send the email to the Dept who will deal with it .I regularly communicate with a CC Supervisor , if this person is away the reply I get is ********** is away from the office until DATE .So I am sure that they could sort out a secure system for Cllrs on holiday etc without breaching security .
  15. Ubique

    Hereford Voice. Use it or lose it

    Thank you Colin - will do my best to keep joining in the conversations etc. Thank you also Colin for all you do to to keep HV a market leader in Hereford .