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  1. megilleland

    Change at the Council

  2. megilleland

    Brexit Is Finished.

    A last ditch attempt to get people on board. Article in today's Sunday Express reference Hereford.
  3. megilleland

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    Application form states Herefordshire Council own the land.
  4. megilleland

    More Road Works

    That's what it says on the yellow signs at each end of the road section when I last looked.
  5. megilleland

    More Road Works

    Yes from 1st June to 9th June between 8pm and 6am.
  6. megilleland

    Blocked drains and flooding

    Visiting the County Hospital this afternoon. Large flood at the drop off point and pedestrian crossing. Good chance of being soaked by traffic.
  7. megilleland

    Lost Beagle Dog

    Stopped in Goodrich Grove, Newton Farm tonight at 10:00pm by couple in car looking for a lost Beagle dog from the Redhill area. The woman's name was Marley.
  8. megilleland

    Blocked drains and flooding

    With the recent heavy rain I am not surprised that there is flooding due to many blocked drains around the city. Here are some examples seen in the last 48 hours: 4 blocked drains with weeds growing out of them on Belmont Road going out between Challenge Church and the Oval turn. Constant flooding at the junction of Belmont Road and Goodrich Grove. Flooding at St Nicholas Street and Victoria Street on the cross roads. Also noted extensive flooding outside Glenda Powell's house on Charlton Avenue right across the road. It looks as if Balfour Beatty aren't prepared to pour money down the drain to clear them.
  9. megilleland

    Planning against the odds

    The Guardian Mark Brown Arts correspondent Fri 25 May 2018 11.53 BST UK's council planners overworked, underpaid and abused, experts say Kevin McCloud and Hay festival panel speak up for beleaguered town planners Could have a point as witness the state of the city and its architecture and environment.
  10. megilleland

    On Street Pay and Display parking

    Old article in The Guardian highlighting lack of free parking spaces in town and cities. "There are just three free parking spots left in the whole of Torquay town centre, says Lee, a second world war history buff who drives a Vauxhall Astra. “Torbay council used to offer £2 all-day parking through the winter, which was great for locals. But they put it up to £10 overnight. That was the ‘yikes’ moment that made me start the petition. I expect it will fall on deaf ears, but I wanted to get a rant out there and see who else felt the same.” ‘It's the worst place to park in the world’ – why Britain is at war over parking by Tim Walker. Also Sun terraces and lawns: Dutch residents transform parking spaces Project in The Hague has divided streets and revealed a deeply-held attachment to cars
  11. megilleland


    Following article in the Hereford Times today worth reprinting this story from the TFA in view of the current trend of this council continuing in withholding information and lack of transparency from the public: Bearing in mind the date of this article was November 2015, the council have had plenty of time to deceive us and perfect their own style of governance as witnessed with the Blueschool fiasco and more to come.
  12. megilleland

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    To approve the disposal of land by way of a 125 year lease adjacent to Hereford railway station to facilitate the development of a new healthcare centre. The disposal of land will: * Enable the delivery of new city centre healthcare hub * Provide a new prominent building adjacent to the city link road and station * Help deliver improved healthcare services in the city * Provide a capital receipt Recommendation(s) That: (a) the disposal by way of a 125 year lease of development land extending to approximately 1.155 acres (final area to be confirmed on detail site survey) adjacent to Hereford railway station (as shown at appendix 1) to Prime (UK) Developments Ltd or a company within the Prime plc group of companies be approved conditional on: * the development of the site as a new GP healthcare hub for Hereford * the lessee securing relevant planning permission * the purchaser agreeing lease terms with the GP’s * the development being completed within 3 years of the lease being completed * adjustment of the purchase price to reflect any agreed abnormal development costs as identified following receipt of site investigation and further due diligence by the purchaser. (b) the chief finance officer be authorised to agree the final sale price in the event of any identified abnormal development costs and complete the development agreement and subsequent lease on terms set out in this report to Prime (UK) Developments Ltd or a company within the Prime plc group. 5. The healthcare hub building will be approx. 2,750 m² over two/three storey’s with additional surface level car parking and would be the new main surgery for patients who currently access GP services at Greyfriars Surgery, Moorfield House Surgery, Aylestone Hill Surgery and Sarum House. It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted on completion of the lease agreement. The purchasers have already undertaken pre-application consultation and the scheme is being refined to reflect comments received. Details here and location map here: Another example of continued privatisation of the NHS. Regarding the finance parts a) and b) above. Could this be the next Blueschool fiasco in the making?
  13. Plenty to digest in this report across a variety of issues Corporate Peer Challenge Herefordshire Council - 6th – 9th February 2018 - Feedback Report item 7. Capital project management and control internal audit progress To update the committee on progress in implementing the recommendations raised in the Internal Auditor’s audit findings report regarding project management of the joint customer services hub (Blueschool House) capital project presented in September 2017. Appendix 1 - Corporate Peer Challenge feedback.pdf
  14. megilleland

    Upcycling Cycling

    The Hereford University Centre in association with Hereford Civic Society invite you to our annual public lecture Upcycling Cycling A comprehensive consideration of cycling and cyclists in this country compared with Europe by cycling experts: Brian Deegan - one of the UK’s leading street design engineers Jess Read - healthy transport engineer and urban designer Jesse Norman MP – Highways Minister Let’s get Hereford integrating cycling into our everyday lives! Hosted at the Hereford University Centre, Folly Lane Hereford HR1 1LS Thursday 17th May 2018 Arrival from 7.00pm for 7.15pm start, 8.30pm close Bookings to Julia Davis DavisJulia@hlcollege.ac.uk 01432 365431 PLEASE PASS THIS INVITE ONTO YOUR CONTACTS ALL WELCOME AT THIS IMPORTANT EVENT
  15. megilleland

    Weeds verging on the ridiculous

    It looked to me as if they had got between the railings.