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  1. megilleland

    Money for public parks

    Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, is inviting applications from community groups interested in establishing a new pocket park or refurbishing an existing one. The government has unfortunately given a very tight deadline of 5pm on Friday 25 January for applications but, if you would like to make one, please visit the government's website for full details and an application form. Ellen Froggatt (Mrs) Office Manager Open Spaces Society 25a Bell Street Henley-on-Thames RG9 2BA Tel: 01491 573535 Email: ellenfroggatt@oss.org.uk Website: www.oss.org.uk
  2. parliamentlive.tv - House of Commons Thursday 10 January 2019 Meeting started at 9.33am Better than anything on TV at the moment. See our MP performing in this empty vaccum of a chamber where it would difficult to put together a Parliamentary football team.
  3. megilleland

    Brexit Is Finished.

    More humour on a serious matter: From The Slog - 7th January 2019 I thought we needed some light relief from our inept politicians who will sink this country at the end of March.
  4. megilleland

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    Black bins emptied today after Christmas. Quite a few black bags left behind and not collected as a result of the extended holiday period - sticker on bags said it was too much and should be in black bin. Maybe the council thought we only had an austerity Christmas. Meanwhile the recycling company Veolia has been accused of refusing to adapt a 30-year contract to allow Brighton and Hove council to collect more plastic waste as local authorities struggle to meet a national target of 50%. Brighton and Hove council have a 30-year PFI contract with Veolia. They are refusing to change the contract so that a wide range of plastics can be recycled. The council doesn’t have the £1m for the required machinery at the Veolia plant to enable a wide range of plastic to be recycled.
  5. megilleland


    A friend rang up Moorfields Surgery to get an appointment today. He was 49th in the queue and held on for 30 minutes. I was advised to use an online booking system last November, but this has few available dates and is usually empty. Also I never see my doctor available on this site. I see Mrs May wants us to Skype the doctor/hospital in the future with a third of hospital appointments, 30,000 in total, to be replaced by Skype ­consultations by 2028. I can't wait till I see a robot (AI) - hope he has warm hands!
  6. megilleland

    Change at the Council

    From Hereford Times 1st January 2019 They say that the planning department is under a lot of pressure to handle the workload. Considering that the council have grand plans for regeneration and development it looks as if it will be left to their private partners and consultants to push their plans through.
  7. megilleland

    Happy New Year 2019

    Happy New Year to all on Hereford Voice. It's going to be interesting for the next three months.
  8. megilleland

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    Another week to go before the bins are emptied (Jan 5th). All three in our street (2 in Muir Close and 1 outside shop, Brampton Road/Kilpeck Avenue stuffed and overflowing. Some residents have started depositing their Christmas packaging outside their homes and this is already blowing around the streets. Why they can't keep their waste on their property till bin collection day?
  9. megilleland

    Argyll Rise Open Space under threat again - is yours?

    Herefordshire Council News - Friday, 14th December 2018 New grant will benefit public green spaces Town and Parish Councils are being encouraged to apply for a grant to improve their local environment. Herefordshire Council has relaunched the Public Green Spaces Community Grant scheme, with a deadline for applications of 25 January 2019. The one-off limited fund will provide Town and Parish Councils in Herefordshire with the opportunity to demonstrate that they have the ability to maintain and enhance a local green space with the view to a long term asset transfer. The scheme supports projects that have community involvement and impact, and where a Lengthsman scheme is in place this grant will provide a complementary opportunity. Cllr Barry Durkin, cabinet member transport and regulatory services, said: “We are delighted to relaunch the Public Green Spaces Community scheme to complement the successful Parish Lengthsman scheme and offer Town and Parish Councils the opportunity to undertake grounds maintenance activities to improve their local environment. “A similar scheme has operated in the past across the county and has demonstrated that a small amount of funding has yielded extremely beneficial outcomes throughout Herefordshire. “The council is keen to support local communities who wish to get involved in the provision of local services, and I would encourage Town and Parish Councils to contact us without delay to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.” The Public Green Spaces grant was first introduced in 2015 and over £10,000 was awarded to 10 community groups. This proposed grant of up to £10,000 would enable larger scale projects with potentially enhanced or longer term maintenance agreements. All Town and Parish Councils will be sent information about the scheme and how to apply. Don't bother applying if you are a potential building site.
  10. megilleland

    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    From Hereford Times 2nd May 2014 reporting by Bill Tanner.
  11. megilleland

    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    NewRiver the owners of The Broadleys Public House appear to be quite ept at grabbing pubs all over the country for their investment purposes. NewRiver owns over 650 community pubs across the UK. We are highly active owners and managers who work closely with our stakeholders to help create value and drive the performance of our pubs. We focus on developing sustainable developments, building long term relationships and working with experienced partners to identify projects to improve, extend or re-activate space to create new ways of generating footfall, enhancing the customer environment and driving profitability. But not obviously The Broadleys. I see that Poundland in Maylords is in their portfolio. I thought Maylords was owned by the council? Polityuk.com Difficult to find anything about this company, although I came across this objection to a scheme in Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, 39-41 Notting Hill Gate and 161-237 (odd) Kensington Church Street, LONDON (extract) As a 'local neighbour' we received a flyer through the door recently from someone called 'Lee' from an organisation calling itself 'Polityuk.com' presumably a PR person working for Notting Hill Gate KCS. As a piece of propaganda, it was showing us that, as residents, there was simply no point in objecting any more as, although the Council Inspector had dismissed the appeal, he had basically decided he liked it: 'dismissing the appeal should not necessarily prevent the development going ahead...' and didn't think it was too tall, thought the impact on local residents wouldn't be that bad and that the benefits to the local community would clearly outweigh any impact to them. The reason the inspector dismissed the appeal was due to the lack of provision of 'social housing on-site'. Seems that Polityuk adopt the same approach on all these developments. We know what is good for you!
  12. megilleland

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    Hello Bobby 47, I have been asking the same questions for years. The fact is that in today's society nobody is aware, cares or respects other peoples' concerns and problems. You will be told how it is, how it will be and you better make the most of it - because nothing under the present systems is going to change. Simple things now involve extreme effort to resolve whether it's getting a contact, a response, an appointment or a letter to justify why nothing can be done - so as you say Booby why bother. I can't remember the last time any local councillor, MP or public servant came down on the side of the public except to tell us that's the way it is. I have turned to other great illuminati, including yourself, and find solace in the websites of UK Column, Robert Reich and The Slog who all appear to talk sense, but does anyone listen to them? The government is manipulating Brexit, and is in bed with the BBC and main stream media - do we get any real news nowadays? Keep the plebs fed with piles of celebrity trivia, sidetrack them with manged stunts and don't let them take their eyes off their mobile phones. This government has destroyed family life, reduced the purchasing power of their working wages, increased wealth for the benefit of a few idle rich and will finally strip your last remnants of cash as you are laid to rest in the local recycling plant.
  13. megilleland

    Brexit Is Finished.

    More than 7,000 employees at manufacturing giant JCB will receive a £1,000 Christmas bonus. JCB said machine production had reached a 73-year high in 2018 and it had recruited an additional 1,500 staff. Its chairman Lord Bamford said JCB had had "a very successful year". The firm - which has plants in Uttoxeter, Rugeley, Rocester, Cheadle in East Staffordshire and Foston, Derbyshire - said it was the biggest Christmas bonus giveaway since 2007. Lord Bamford added: "I am delighted that we are able to award a substantial Christmas bonus to thank our employees for their contribution." JCB has 22 plants on four continents manufacturing more than 300 products. In March the firm said growing global demand drove the creation of 600 new JCB manufacturing jobs. A new £50m JCB factory - set to open in summer 2019 - will create another 200 jobs, it added. Looks like they will have a Merry Christmas
  14. megilleland

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    More rubbish from the council and BB trying to do less again, but continually pocketing the cash. I sent a request concerning land ownership of a grass verge on the 9th October 2018 followed by two reminders and I am still waiting for a reply. Every Sunday morning for one hour I fill two bins of litter found lying in the street, shoved in hedges and dog poo chucked up in trees. I have yet to see anyone else living in the area do a litter pick and we have three council bins to use. Complete folly to take any of these away and you don't need consultants and studies to tell you the obvious.
  15. megilleland

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Defence is not part of Brexit - we will remain in EU with respect to defence. Handing over our hard-earned military forces to the EU and all MPs and Lords silent on military unification. There has been no change in the advancing integration of UK military forces into the EU structure - the subject is simply not discussed in political, public and media forums, which is testimony to the usual EU policy of implementation by stealth where possible. BBC: Local News Partnerships - the takeover of local news and media across UK Local newspapers, radio stations and media outlets are no longer independent Main Stream Media now not competing any longer - they are reinforcing each other. Next on agenda EU banking union: Tusk "EU treasury by June 2018". Brexit timetable might end with taxation without representation While all this is going on no interest or discussion on UK domestic policies because at the end of the day we will become a region of the EU. The greatest lie ever told to the people of Great Britain: Brexit without the exit.