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  1. Concerns for Hereford Motorcycle Legend Bob Gallier

    You are correct, Bob does like the publicity and I understand that his friends or family approached Colin to put up an appeal.
  2. New Hereford Voice Theme

    Wow, I like this, still getting used to all the new features
  3. NEW Volunteer Pub for Marden Approved

    These plans look nice, looking forward to seeing this through to completion
  4. Stop Talking About The War!

    The reasons that some uneducated people refer to the concentrations camps as Polish concentration camps is probably down to their location, in actual fact they are German concentration camps that were built in Poland because that is central Europe and from a logistic point of view an ideal location for their warped final solution. They are and will ALWAYS be NAZI / GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS / GERMAN DEATH CAMPS.
  5. Hereford Medieval City Walls Left To Ruin

    It look like some has jumped on the Greyfriars Bridge bandwagon Colin
  6. I read the same post on Facebook and responded to (Andrew Wood but I notice today he has removed me as a friend) it but Colin James mentioned this back in the pothole thread in 2013 http://www.herefordvoice.co.uk/topic/988-go-careful-pot-holes/?hl=%2Bpot+%2Bholes
  7. New Clubhouse Plans for Hinton FC

    This looks smart
  8. Bus prices

    And of course everything you say MUST be correct I guess... Adrian, it is no good moaning all the time, some people on here have done a lot of research into various idea's, some of which are very good. I am also in favour of a tram along the GWW but I also like your idea of electric buses, all good idea's, so instead of poo pooing them how about getting behind the idea's because until people like you do nothing will ever happen! Or come up with a suggestion of your own.
  9. Hereford Voice - Fodder Competition

    What a great idea, well done. I have entered :)
  10. Where to go, what to do...

    The Wye pub at lower bullingham used to offer a good carvery, not been there for a while but may be worth a try.
  11. Where to go, what to do...

    The Barrels in St Owen St always has a good atmosphere too
  12. Congratulations Bill Thomas

    This sounds like a good investment ha ha thanks you for the nice words
  13. Congratulations Bill Thomas

    Thank you for the phone call with this wonderful news. To say I am overwhelmed would be an understatement, I have never won anything so this has made my day, thank you and well done to all the other entries which were all equally as good in my opinion.
  14. Clearing The Newton Brook

    Excellent work, credit where credit is due, this is money well spent.
  15. Parking Meters In Hereford

    I cannot believe that the introduction of parking meters in selected streets in Hereford have effected traders to this extent to be honest, I parked in Broad St today for an hour for a quid, in the past I could only park here for 30 mins so this is ideal for me, I got my haircut, nipped into M&S and went to the bank. I have seen a photograph on social media showing Church St looking dead quiet but it looks suspiciously like it was taken at night to me, when the shops are all closed.