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    WARNING - Belmont Pools

    Can I just inform everyone that this issue has now been resolved. I have been asked many times in the past few month “is it safe for your dog to be swimming in there?” Well he has been swimming in the lake for months and he’s fit as a fiddle with no adverse effects. Wildlife is teaming, the water is clear and flowing well. The swans have 7 signets and are fully aware of the dogs!! They held back the signets whilst my Max swam to his stick and then turned back to shore, then proceeded no issues. However they do approach the shore for expected feeding from humans and do like to hiss at the dogs- so beware and move on!! If you see the outflow blocked with debris please clear it!! It really is lovely around there now. Perhaps signs should be placed stating it is safe to swim in!!

    Poppy Display

    My poor effort!!

    Help identify this man


    Police presence Belmont/Hunderton riverside

    I understand your concern but how could they hide it? Such challenging conditions. If they put a tarp up someone else would end up in the river trying to get a sneaky peak! If you have an idea of what is happening and don’t like it then turn in the other direction or educate the youngsters to what may be happening. Mini me has witnessed many unsavoury encounters but I educate her within reason. Besides it’s not best viewing for anyone- we are all nosey it’s in our nature. Anyway I digress.... thoughts are with Ash’s family at this time.
  5. A large police presence has been gathering this evening along the riverbanks. The river is being searched and the helicopter has provided assistance. This could be in relation to the search for the two missing people. A body has been recovered from the river. It is believed to be that of Ashley George who went missing on Thursday.
  6. When did HV first get wind of this? Months ago!! Oh no it’s just a vicious rumour they said. Now it’s national news. People power. Go HV.

    Herefordshire School Closures

    Madley opening as normal Monday. Paths cleared today.

    Herefordshire School Closures

    Madley CP is closed Friday. This Notification recieved earlier via text: All - after reviewing forecasts and advice we will be CLOSED tomorrow (Friday) as travel conditions look poor. Also no buses or lunch provided. All - no breakfast club or Madley Pre School tomorrow either. www.teachers2parents.co.uk

    New Safety (speed) Camera on A465 Belmont Road Hereford

    The Gatso meter speed camera is a rear facing camera and as such can only succesfully obtain a vehicles speed when driving past the Gatso. In other words if a Gatso speed camera is on the opposite side of the road and is pointing towards you it cannot record or catch you speeding. However be sure you're driving towards a Gatso and not the forward facing Truvelo camera as these are designed to work as a motorist drives towards them! It's also worth noting that Gatso's which are installation on a central reservation of traffic island can be turned periodically to target motorists traveling in either direction.

    Cabinet to Consider Hereford Bypass Routes

    Slightly off topic but nonetheless, any ideas why there is already roadworks on the second road to nowhere? Barely been open a month!

    More Shop Raids in Hereford and Ross

    Of course it’s bona fida. The only difference is “we†shop in the uk and they shop in “Luxembourgâ€. It comes in via car for the most part; after a quick visit to the family and friends back home. They take the risk doing so. Bit like the brits taking a day trip to “Eastenders†wholesalers for fags and booze in the 80/90s!! It’ll never stop. The authorities are always playing catch-up. It’s the same as the Coke traffickers. For every Kilo that gets found, FIVE HUNDRED kilo get through. Remember those bales that washed up on the Norfolk coast a while back? https://news.sky.com/story/cocaine-worth-50m-washes-up-on-norfolk-beaches-10762523 And wales. And that’s what didn’t get through. https://walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/cocaine-washed-up-welsh-beach-2195779 As an idea of cost/profit; it cost around £30 to produce a kilo in Colombia. By the time it hits the uk/USA it retails around £$60 a gram. That a 200000% increase in profit. A few kilos being caught is small fry to the big boys. I digress........

    Trampoline Arena plans approved

    Took the little un to Enerji in Newport today. http://www.energileisureparks.com/newport Great fun and no shortage of customers. Not as large as others but still all bounced out and no tears! ðŸ‘🻠Parties too at reduced rates food included! Followed by a lovely dinner at Toby’s house. Quality time with the family. Get on with it lad!!
  13. No doubt this will be approved by HC! It got me thinking with all this new infrastructure planning, and the tree huggers etc, why not compromise? Hereford must be the only City in the world without a bypass, underpass or flyover within the network. Don’t start preaching, we can’t, we live on a flood plain blah blah blah. Mersey tunnel, Chunnel,Watford gap, LONDON! J6M6 no such thing as can’t!