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  1. Wormelow Post Office to Reopen

    Some good news is always welcome.
  2. Man Charged with Murder Appears in Court

    Some people are that ill they are beyond help. Can you ever see this guy being let out again and would you want him to be? I see it hit the Daily Mail
  3. They should of been banned years ago.
  4. Hereford City’s Hidden Treasures

    These treasures belong to the people of Hereford and should be made available to view in this museum rather than being hidden away in some old cold damp cellar in the town hall. This is an excellent idea.
  5. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    The police should do more, it will not be long before someone is serious hurt in Hereford again.
  6. Plans for 54 Retirement Apartments at Former Bus Station

    This new development looks really quite nice and with parking too.
  7. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    This should be reported to the police, simple.
  8. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    This is unbelievable really, so one cyclists is riding his bike on the footpath and then this other idiot is riding on the road but in the wrong direction all captured in this one photo, it is not wonder the statistics make for interesting reading. If you had of knocked this prat off his bike they would be looking to blame you as the motorists, how frustrating.
  9. Horrific Accident A49 Hereford to Ross Rd

    Tractors need to have more lighting on, especially down the side of their trailers. I obviously do not know the full circumstances but I have seen tractors at night hardly lit up at all. Tragic news for this mans family.
  10. Terrorist Attacks In Spain

    Not rocket science is it. Good on Poland for standing their ground and not being bullied with EU threats.
  11. Hereford Duck Pond Clean Up

    This is a wonderful idea, I have not been near the pond for a few years and I can see how bad it has become from the photographs. I like your idea of installing a food vending machine Colin
  12. Tents on Edgar Street roundabout

    I thought she had been offered a place to live, she was previously evicted, what do you expect the people of Plough Lane to do? Just hand out another house but more to her taste perhaps? I can't believe what I am reading, if they do that, expect more idiots in tents to arrive.
  13. Weeds verging on the ridiculous

    Hereford in Bloom
  14. Tents on Edgar Street roundabout