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  1. Frank, They did take much. But I’m really concerned about her heart and mind. Cults do long term damage. I am glad she did not take out credit for FC. Small blessing. acitizen76
  2. Cambo, Thank you for your support. Sometimes people hide out of fear or laziness but you aren’t. I can give much more details as I love my sister and want to protect what is left of her anonymity. I don’t want her to feel shamed. General knowledge is that it is a $10k a year course. The students work for no pay. Maybe not known: “FC unlicensed Counseling” reveals they must cure their minds and “detox” from the world. Amazingly FC has programs you can pay$$ for to get well. One is actually called “The Brain Detox.” (I Hacked a lesson, it’s a lot of chanting, talking in third person to your
  3. Your town has already made moves against them. Kicked off school property and restrictions from Universities. There have to be some of you out there. Do not remain silent. They rule when you let them.
  4. Hello from across the Atlantic, My sister recently attended Freedom Academy and it has turned into a disaster for our family and her mind. She was brainwashed, taken for her money and family support, abused, they did not report suicidal attempts, and then finally left her abandoned in her time of need. I want to help families come together against this cult. Is there an existing group or someone I can contact? What is already being done to stop them? acitizen76
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