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  1. straggler

    Driving Lessons

    Part of the test can be the reverse around a corner. I would have thought pulling up somewhere near a corner would be the best way to start this manoeuvre
  2. And the schemes that have been a great success? London, for instance? A credit/debit card is needed to register for these schemes. If a bike isn't returned then it is charged to that card. I doubt very much that someone would dump a bike if it was going to cost them £££!
  3. I was directed to this website via a topic on the Hereford Times website. Someone goes around taking photos and videos of people cycling on pavements???? Why??!! They obviously, um, "feel very strongly" about this but any claims of it being evidence of widespread wrong-doing is flawed as taking photos of people doing bad things means nothing. I could step outside my front door and take many photos of cars parked on pavements. I could then walk to the end of the road and within a few minutes I'd have some more photos of car drivers jumping the lights. Does that mean all car drivers are criminals, as some of the people here seem to think about cyclists? No, of course it doesn't. To get anything meaningful a camera would have to be set up to film/take photos for hours or days on end and then the evidence looked at objectively. Expressing outrage at "criminal" cyclists is sliding down the slippery path to Daily Mail Land....
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