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  1. Would it be useful to have an up to date map showing the location of every grit bin? Whilst Hfds Council does publish a map of gritting routes https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/transport-and-highways/maintenance/roads-gritting/gritting-routes-map They seem unwilling to publish the location of grit bins. There is an interesting project run by volunteers in Birmingham which hopes to map the location of every grit bin in the West Midands using Open Streetmap http://www.mappa-mercia.org/maps/gritting-map Maybe we could map all of the local grit bins? Would be useful for motorists / local residents and also help to identify areas that are missing bins? Open Streetmap is fairly easy to edit and paper maps can even be printed which volunteers can take out and about, write information on and this can be added to the map at a later date.
  2. A truly shocking and cowardly attack. Lets hope the perpetrators are swiftly caught. Hats off to Mr Nathan and his family for their bravery and for not letting such a terrifying attack stop them from getting on with their lives and business.
  3. Great to see such positive responses on here. Stark contrast to the amount of negative comments to Colin's posts on Facebook. Disappointing that so many people would rather complain, blame the council or criticise about health and safety than actually go out and use a small amount of their own time to make a difference. It's all about community spirit and improving the area we live in. Well done Colin and everyone else who wants to make a contribution to our communities.
  4. Nice one Colin. We did the signs around Little Birch & Much Birch last weekend. Quick and easy to do and makes a real difference.
  5. My first post so.... Hello The beta section of the council website also has links to some quite interesting and useful services (some of which are in the A-Z) Not sure how up to date they're kept though. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/beta/
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