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  1. You can paint a piece of s*** any colour you want, but underneath its still a piece of s***.
  2. Why cant they get things right the first time? Too much to ask, i suppose
  3. Hahahahahahaha....nothing surprises me anymore! will be on that road in the morning..probably be laughing again (while sat in the traffic!)
  4. We only need ONE 'keep clear' sign at the tesco exit. Typical-you ask for ONE, then THREE come along!
  5. Thanks for the info Rebecca,.Just had a look at the download for allowances, which makes interesting reading. If we do take cllr Edwards as an example, his 'Travel expenses' for 09/10 states £758.20=£63.18 each month.....hmmm...for the man who wants to be known as 'the cllr on a bike' seems to me that pedal power has suddenly become very expensive!? Also can anyone shed light on what 'Special responsibility allowance'is?
  6. This is a great service and should stay. While it is at Asda, you have no parking problems, is very central and should you need a prescription Asda is the only place to get one til 11pm...so why the need to move it? Good work Glenda, lets hope the petition goes to those that see sense and not waste time spending money on a purpose-built buiding at the hospital that we dont need.
  7. This is such a shame and in stark contrast to the beautiful pictures taken before of the lake. The picture of the heron in flight was so nice to see, why do some people have to ruin it? Makes me sad.. :Sad_32:
  8. nikki

    Belmont Pool

    is that not enough said on the subject now?
  9. thanks admin, usefull numbers
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