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Fuel bills to go through the roof


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A new price cap of £3,549 has been announced by Ofgem, the energy regulator, an 80% rise on the current cap.

The cap comes into effect on 1 October and will determine how much 24 million households pay for their energy.

Analysts at Cornwall Insight have said to expect further increases in January, when the price cap is due to be updated again. They predict the cap will rise to £4,650 a year.


Meanwhile our MPs are still on holiday and won't return to parliament until 5th September. Maybe they should turn off the heating in the Commons and Lords as we head towards winter.

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Thought I would rub some salt into the wound.

Staggering new data shows that in the first year of the covid pandemic, 187 of the most senior civil servants had a cumulative pension pot of £123 million - an average of £657,128 each. This was equivalent to the annual state pension for around 13,464 pensioners.

Campaigners say the eye-watering figures show it’s time to end the “Whitehall retirement racket”.

Research from the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) shows that former Foreign Office mandarin Lord McDonald banked the largest pot valued at a whopping £2.2 million.

Sir Philip Barton, who was castigated over the UK’s chaotic exit from Afghanistan last year, saw the largest increase in the value of his pension pot, growing by £321,000 to £1.7 million.

Cabinet secretary Simon Case had a pension pot of £450,000 in 2020/21, while Treasury boss Tom Scholar had a pot of £1,411,000.

Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Antonia Romeo, who is tipped for a senior role in a new government under Liz Truss, enjoyed a pot valued at £745,000.

Former head of the civil service, Lord Sedwill, had a pension pot equivalent to £102,500 per year in retirement, which was over three times the average UK salary.

A further five mandarins were entitled to annual pensions of between £80,000 and £95,000 per year. These are permanent secretaries Matthew Rycroft, Tamara Finkelstein, Christopher Wormald and Simon McDonald, and first parliamentary counsel Elizabeth Gardiner.

Bet it's warm in their homes.

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Incredible to think that energy companies can increase their prices even though they are making huge profits…ofgem in my opinion are not consumer friendly & is well past it’s sell by date…it is in need of replacing by a quango that works in the interests of consumers as well as making sure energy companies can be profitable,without ripping off their customers.

this article explains how you can claim a grant from British Gas to help pay your energy costs if you are struggling to meet them & you don’t need to be a British Gas customer either I believe 


It is the failure of our politicians as to why our nation finds itself in a energy crises according to this article 


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If this is true? Then it is obscene that our government would allow this to happen… in my opinion given the rise in inflation due to the extortionate price rises in energy costs now, also along with those coming our way in October & January which will lead us on the road to recession if we are not already on it?


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