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Over 100 individual letters of objection to Lidl planning application in Hereford

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Over 100 individual letters of objection to demolishing Three Counties Hotel for another Lidl Supermarket in Hereford have been submitted on the Herefordshire Council planning portal with dozens more still not yet listed.


One resident wrote;


"An absolutely inappropriate location, Belmont road is a traffic nightmare at the best of times. Tesco traffic, McDonald’s traffic, school traffic, Asda traffic, usual everyday traffic.

If this proposal for Lidl's is approved it will create even more traffic on Belmont road and feeder roads, it can’t cope with the volume of traffic now, more pollution in that area and blight the lives of those who live along the route"

This is the general opinion from most people who have taken the time to send in their letters of objection, with only 2 letters supporting the planning application.

Our Petition here https://chng.it/bWYtFHb78S has had over 960 signatures from people who feel the same. Many residents have said this is completely the wrong location and if Lidl want to pursue having yet another supermarket in Hereford they should seek alternative locations and well away from the Belmont Road (A465).

Another local resident wrote;


"The proposed planning to build a LidI on the current Three Counties site is utter madness!

The proposed supermarket and drive through restaurant would cause so much more volume of traffic it would cause Belmont Road to halt to a standstill.

The road could not cope with even more traffic this would bring. If there was a relief Road that went from the Madley/Clehonger turning across to the Rotherwas relief road/roundabout that would take 70% of traffic away from Belmont and would be fine to give this project the green light. But as it stands I think this proposal is ridiculous.

Also a small buisness/retail park would benefit the area more with a nursery, shops, eateries. 1 huge LidI to me is a waste of the land, especially with an Asda and Tesco in earshot of it"

Belmont Rural Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting

An Extraordinary Meeting of the Belmont Parish Council will be held at The Kindle Centre (Asda) on Thursday 5th May 2022 at 7.30pm (Tomorrow evening)


To discuss and agree a formal response to the Three Counties Hotel Hybrid application for demolition of existing hotel and build a Lidl Supermarket.

Members of the public and press are invited to attend this important meeting.

Web | https://belmontrural-pc.gov.uk

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Today 11th May 2022 on the Herefordshire Council's planning website it says there are 208 representations concerning the Lidl planning application.  Although there are only 188 listed - there are 178 against the planning application and 10 in support. I put my objection in last week, but it is not listed, so what is the true number of representations, are there others? I will be going down to the Three Counties later today before 7pm.


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Just been down to voice my concern. Traffic backed up, but if they build the supermarket, which they say will only take 9 months if approved, instead of sitting in the traffic jam you will be able to pop into Lidl and do a shop or have a coffee to pass the time. The hotel grounds look lovely with ducklings on the pond. Large meeting taking place in the conference room and visitors arriving with their suitcases for a stay. Where are the our representatives? Does Jesse Norman have a viewpoint? I will get down to the hotel and take some photos to go along with the demolished Vortex Youth Centre and the demolished local church St Francis Saviour. As one supporter for this application said we have to move with the times! Why not blow up the whole of Newton Farm and Belmont and start with a blank canvas. You never know the council may be able to include a bypass in the scheme. By the way Lidl do not do home deliveries so everyone will have to arrange their own transport for carting their shopping home.

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On 13/05/2022 at 13:12, megilleland said:

Today 13th May:

245 Representations

14 support application

231 object to application

So out of all the letters sent less than 6% support this ill thought out planning application. There was also a petition objecting with over a 1000 signatures as well.

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