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London Paddington to Hereford train Cab Ride


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I hope you enjoy this cab ride from London Paddington to Hereford filmed in UltraHD during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown of summer 2020 

We journey for a total of 150 miles starting out in England’s capital and slowly head into more rural areas as we pass through the famous University City of Oxford, then through the charming scenery of the Cotswolds before hitting major civilisation again in the form of Worcester.  Then it’s out into and through the Malvern Hills passing Great Malvern and Ledbury before reaching our destination of Hereford.

We resisted the urge to get the recordings done at the widest possible focal length, as, despite the gains in peripheral vision, you get a very false impression of speed and perspective.  This detracts from the realism.  The focal length chosen attempts to give the best compromise of a realistic view of what the driver sees together with a decent amount of peripheral scenery.  You won’t see any ‘barrel distortion’ i.e. bending buildings here!

You'll need two and half hours to watch it!


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If you liked the video Paddington to Hereford, another favourite of mine is Andres Basagoita who follows the trains in Spain and Switzerland. It brings back memories of walking in Switzerland and cycling in Spain. Andres uses drones to film a variety of trains. His countryside and coastal views are very spectacular. All his videos are accompanied by musical scores. Also they are very easy timewise to watch. Enjoy.

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Zipping across Spain this video shows the only way to travel. Clean trains, beautiful countryside with far reaching views using a drone.

TRAINSPOTTING (VOL. 2845) Trenes de Alta Velocidad en tránsito (UHD 4K)

It would be interesting to place a HEREFORD LIVE webcam in the Hereford Station layout to see the arrival and departure of trains, especially the steam specials which regularly pass through the area.


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