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Queen Elizabeth - 2012 Fields in Trust Challenge

Adrian Bridges

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I would like to advise all residents within Newton Farm that I have been working with Martin Gilleland in proposing - Argyll Rise, Waterfield Road, Newton Farm, Herefordshire HR2 7BN to be formally nominated as one of the Queens Dianmond Jubillee (Fields in Trust) nominations

This means that if we are successful then the open space to the rear of Argyll Rise will be secured for future generations to enjoy and will protect this lovely open space from being built or even developed on.

Even though it has now been formally accepted as one of the nominations and is only the second open space in Herefordshire, the real hard work is soon to start. We will need as much support and everyone to vote on line so that the more we get the better chance we will have in keeping this for ever.

I am extremily proud to be supporting this fantastic initiative.

All that is known currently is voting will commence sometime in October 2011.

When I know more on how the voting process is to be conducted I will personally visit all the homes surrounding the area to try and get as much support as is possible.

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Argyll Rise Open Space nomination appears to have been removed from the Queen Elizabeth 2012 Fields website. We are checking up to find out why this is - it may be just a glitch or someone may have asked for it to be removed! Over 30 votes registered so far - way more than the other two Council nominations.

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