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Vandals Damage Museum in Worcestershire

Hereford Voice

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This is disgusting! These vandals have caused thousands of pounds worth of criminal damage at the fabulous Avoncroft Museum in Worcestershire.


In a message on their website the museum wrote;


"It is with enormous sadness that we have to announce that the Museum will be CLOSED today, Sunday May 2.

Unfortunately we were subjected to a vandal attack yesterday evening - there is a lot of work to be done by police and forensics, and by our small team to clear up a lot of broken glass throughout the site, and it's just not safe to open.

I know you'll be disappointed, and so are we - yesterday was such a lovely day, and today promised to be fine as well - we hope you'll book to visit us again in the near future.

If you have bought a ticket for today, we will be in touch shortly to reimburse you. Please don't call or e-mail - we will be in touch but we are just a very small team.

Thank you for your understanding - and if you know of a local glazier or boarding up company who is available on a bank holiday Sunday, please message us!! Any help greatly welcomed."


Photographs courtesy of the Avoncroft Museum.

If anyone can help them please get in touch.


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Yes, look at the Canary Bridge and the Greenway - I did report the graffiti there for a while but no one took any notice - ward councillors make it clear BBLP are autonomous and the Council simply have no say or control of what they do (or don't) do. There were lots of requests for cctv at the time the Canary Bridge was being designed, but they were disregarded. It's death by a thousand cuts for the County, I don't see how we can ever pull it back.

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