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Hereford to enjoy new trees

Hereford Voice

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City Centre trees will help create a greener space and support economic recovery

When visitors return to Hereford City Centre following lockdown they are set to experience a greener space with dozens of new trees being introduced over the coming weeks.

The trees, which will be in new planters, will help to create a more attractive environment for residents, workers, shoppers and visitors. The planters which also have seating attached, will ensure the City Centre is a place where people want to stay longer, spend and enjoy leisure time, helping to support the economic recovery of local shops and businesses. The new trees and plants will also support an improvement in air quality and biodiversity.


The improvements build upon the current refurbishment of the City Centre and the council’s Greener City project which has provided trees for local residents, businesses and organisations. The new trees are set to enhance High Town and the surrounding area including Commercial Street, Eign Gate, Widemarsh Street and Trinity Square. Smaller kerbside planters will also be introduced on St Owen’s Street.

While significantly increasing the number of trees in the City Centre, all of the planters will be movable to allow for events such as the May Fair and the regular markets held in High Town.

Work to replace some existing benches with the new planters and seating is due to start from Monday 29 March. It is expected to take around four weeks to get all of the new trees, planters and seating in place.

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14 hours ago, Aylestone Voice said:

Lovely. Once again you will be able to sit beneath trees on benches probably covered in bird crap and with the risk of it hitting you also from above

People have forgotten that one of the main reasons why the trees in High Town were removed is because of the pigeon mess plastered all over the benches and floors around them.Now the pigeons have been kicked out of the City or killed and eaten by the Gulls there is now the possibility of sitting on a bench under a tree without being shat on.

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